Lack of an association or an inverse association between low-densitylipoprotein cholesterol and mortality in the elderly: a systematic review

(Marc) #1

From Ravnskov.
I’m going to send this one to my mother and my MD brother who’ve both been prescribed statins and both stopped/didn’t take them.

From the article:
“No study of unselected people has found an
association between total cholesterol (TC) and degree of atherosclerosis.1
Moreover, in most of the
Japanese epidemiological studies, high TC is
not a risk factor for stroke, and further, there
is an inverse association between TC and allcause
mortality, irrespective of age and sex.”

(Richard Morris) #2

I have an interesting history with LDL lowering medication

(Marc) #3

Yeah, it’s counter intuitive, but plenty of people that believe that “high” cholesterol is not harmful.


I didn’t know “that people who take statins have a 46% greater chance of developing Type 2 diabetes than people who took a placebo” (from your article). But, I did know that people that have diabetes are 2 to 4 times more likely to die of heart disease.

I don’t understand it perfectly, but I think (know) that high insulin levels is at the bottom of this, not cholesterol.