🐥 Lab-created Chicken

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So would we order “Two pounds of Henrietta and three pounds of Bessie”? :slight_smile:


Scary, but I’d try it because I’d just have to know. I worked with a girl that was a veggie and she always got the Whopper’s with the test tube meat, I tried some once, actually wasn’t bad. Tasted like grass fed beef, beef with 30% of it’s flavor removed. Am I the only one that actually hopes all this stuff will take off and get popular with some non veggies so it scares the real meat distributors into lowering prices? It’ll probably never happen but it’s a nice dream.

I’ll be the politician type that marches the streets with the vegans demanding fake meat and lowering the market, then while I’m out there the meat truck will be loading up my freezer with all the Ribeye’s that now costs the same as Chuck :laughing:

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That is absolutely disgusting :face_vomiting:

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I’ve been a fan for years. :+1: RobotChicken

Tried it also (once I had a coupon to get it for the same price as a regular Whopper). I liked it, too - it was much closer to ‘normal’ taste than I expected. But at the time, it was about $1 more than the regular, and while you could get two regular Whoppers for $6, to get one of each was $7. So I came away thinking, “Why in the ever-loving **** would I pay extra for this?”


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My opinion is that lab-grown meat is right up there with bugs. :pleading_face:


My Labrador has never created a chicken. She just eats their frozen frames.


They call locusts “sky prawns”…

‘Sky prawn’ isn’t wildly inaccurate either – locusts are just grasshoppers in a breeding frenzy, and insects like these are arthropods just like their cousins, the crustaceans (shrimp, prawn, lobster and so on). Hence the reports of various insects tasting of ‘sweet shrimp’, ‘nutty crab meat’, and so on.

At one time, lobster was considered to be a garbage meat.

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Insects eat the vegetation, animals eat the insects, I eat the animals. I am at top of the food chain. I don’t see a need to change that.


right there with you on that :wink:

and in general to the thread chat…plus as one ‘grows’ meat for human consumption what about ‘dog food’ or other things ALL that animal is used for…gonna grow dog meat protein in other batches for that product? Gonna grow other animal parts for other use.

An animal is used from nose to tail. Not one thing is wasted at all. Are they gonna ‘grow it all’. Life is not just on our plates from animals at all. Gonna grow leather? Gonna grow brains for people who wanna eat that? The hooves and horns of animals are rich in keratin that is commonly used in hair care products.

remember how it ‘was back in the day’ where life was nose to tail with an animal useage and now? do we spot check food in life or do we spot check what persons then should be allowed in life to procreate? bad things a comin’ longer term me thinks but again that is me!

any other thoughts and industries to consider?

won’t take any time soon ya know as common place…maybe if we think about 6 generations ahead and what crazy might be going down on this planet? and then heck we will be gone so? LOL


If the process gets refined enough, it may even be a cheaper way to grow vegetables.

Care for a slice of corn?


yea already with the ‘improvement’ to gmo veg do we find less health…oh the things to come…ugh