Kraut and kielbasa--yum!

(Terri) #1

Such a simple and tasty meal–and yes, that is some butter added on top!

(Jacquie) #2

Looks delish! I made something similar. Smoked pork chops and kraut sauteed in butter. :slight_smile:

(Terri) #3

Easy and good! My favorite combo!

(Guardian of the bacon) #4

Love butter in my kraut.


I’ve never tried butter in my kraut! I have a large fermentation pot sitting on the kitchen counter waiting for me when I finish my fast.

Happy New Year!

(Henna Selnes) #6

If there is anything that would make me want to give up the beef challenge, its right there. I seriously had a doubt for just a second, ha! Always use butter with kraut, and spicy mustard!

(Terri) #7

I made it again this week with chorizo–so good with the spiciness and some Thyme and basil. And then, of course, butter!

(carl) #8

One of my dear childhood friends has a sausage/curing business. He’s hip to keto, and made me a sugar-free kielbasa that was out of this world. He says it tastes saltier to him because of the lack of sugar, but believe me, it was perfect! He makes it with pork shoulder, too. No fillers. Just smoked meat, salt, spices, and plenty of fat. I’m trying to convince him to do a mail order business. He’d clean up with this crowd. :slight_smile:

(Terri) #9

Perhaps he’d like to start with a small group of us with consistent orders to see how it goes! I would order in a heartbeat!

(carl) #10

Yeah. I know. He’s got to get FDA approved, etc.

(Ross Daniel) #11

nice, he needs to go for it!1

(Terri) #12

Or he can just send “gifts” and we can send checks! :wink:

(Bernadette Duty) #13

Your kraut & kielbasa looks delish.

Yesterday I made Kraut with Schmidt’s Bahama Mama’s. I used to always put brown sugar in my kraut but since I went Keto I can’t do that. I found it hard to get the Erythritol to sweeten kraut the way I like it.

If you’ve never tried Bahama Mama’s in your kraut, you ought to try it. They’re awesome. The pkg. says there is only 1 gr. carbs per link but there may be a small amount of sugar in them.

(Guardian of the bacon) #14

Will he be a vendor @ketofest?

(Terri) #15

Are you talking about these? That place is about 10 miles away from me–very common place where folks want to eat when they come to Columbus.

(Bernadette Duty) #16

Terri, YES! that’s the place. I’m dying to go there to eat. My husband is originally from Columbus and we are only about 1 hour away. I’m not a big sausage lover, but I’m telling ya, those Bahama Mamas are to die for! The ingredient list on the package says there is only 1 carb per link but I checked their website for the ingredients and it says there are 3 carbs per link so I’m not sure which it really is. I’m hoping any sugar is small enough amount not to make a difference.

(carl) #17

That’s the plan

(Terri) #18

If you ever come into town, let me know and maybe we can meet there!

(Bernadette Duty) #19

Cool. That sounds great. I will be at Dublin Methodist on 01-30-17 for surgery on my ankle. Having the joint fused due to Avascular Necrosis but they probably don’t want me eating kraut & sausage before surgery. Lol. Staying at a hotel on the 30th, surgery is 31st. But would love to meet you at Schmidts someday.

(Terri) #20

I hope that your surgery goes well and the recovery process is speedy! Let me know some time when you want to meet for Schmidts–there are other Cbus and area folks in here too.