Kogan Multi Cooker with Sous Vide Function (Aus)


Just saw a Kogan Multi cooker with Sous Vide cooker for $89 when I Googled Sous Vide Cookers.

I’ve never cooked with one but all the posts round here extolling their fantastic practicality have convinced me.

Does anyone have any idea if this machine is a piece of junk or an okay Sous Vide cooker?

If not, is there a really simple machine that you can recommend in Australia? I don’t want to be trying to attach things to saucepans, I want a machine to do it all in a container which closes and cooks perfectly with no hassle. :slight_smile:


This is a genuine question…?

(Doug) #3

Looks okay for the low price, though some people have had to get replacement units from Kogan due to problems. Only reviews I saw were on Kogan’s website, so who knows, there…? My gut feeling is in line with the “you get what you pay for” maxim - this is a fairly cheap thing.

(Running from stupidity) #4

Kogan is pretty good with warranty stuff, as I understand it. (I presume it’s because they’re aware of the quality of the stuff they sell, and so are expecting to deal with the issues that arise.)


Thanks OldDoug.


Thanks juice.