Kim Howerton


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Daisy's latest extraordinary woman, Kim, talks about her passion for Keto and living a life fuelled by pleasure and ketones.

Kim Howerton struggled with her relationship with food from the time she was 8. As the years went by and her health problems mounted, she felt at the mercy of her body and out of control with her weight. A dedicated seeker of pleasure, she realised that life in a body that was always in pain was no way to live; that a pleasurable life starts by living in a body that feels good.

Enter Keto - a life that has brought together her love of satisfying, delicious foods in a way that makes her actually feel good. She now shares her love of all things Keto though group coaching as well as running a very large Facebook group about Keto called Completely Keto.

You can find Kim’s blog and coaching at

and her FB page at CompletelyKeto

This week’s quote is by J M Barrie and comes from his book Peter Pan -

Dreams do come true, if we only wish hard enough.

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