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Daisy's latest extraordinary woman, Kim, talks about her education and travels that ended up at a low carb conference in San Diego and signing on with the world's leading LCHF website - Diet Doctor.

Kim discovered low carb around 5 years ago after experimenting with various ways of eating, including juice "fasts" and vegan diets! The fantastic energy levels and disappearance of cravings convinced her that low carb was a lifestyle that could really benefit her health long term. She studied an MSc in International Development with a specialisation in food security and nutrition in 2014-2015 and moved to Bolivia to work with food provision systems and poverty reduction. However, she continued to research low carb diets passionately and, noticing the lack of good information on low carb in Spanish, she set up a blog to translate information for Spanish-speaking people.

In August 2017 she attended Low Carb USA in San Diego, where Andreas Eenfeldt mentioned during his presentation that he was looking for someone to launch Diet Doctor in Spanish. She applied for the position, got the job, and in October 2017 made a move to Stockholm, Sweden to take up a position as head of the Spanish Diet Doctor site. She now continues to run the site and also works as an editor and writer on the English site, Kim is really happy to now be working full time on what has been a real passion for several years, helping other people change their lives with low carb, too.



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