Kicked out of ketosis?

(Chelsea Barnett) #1

Okay so I’ve been strict keto for 2 months now. I had my first cheat today during the hurricane. I ate about 35 carbs today. If I will get kicked out of ketosis…Will it happen today or tomorrow or when ?
Is it possible that I stay in ketosis by consuming 35 carbs. I regret it now but I’ve been stuck in house 2 days with hurricane and I had 3 pizza rolls. Half a cookie :frowning:
My keto pee strips are still picking up ketones…although lower than normal. And I’ve heard these aren’t reliable. But any advice ?

(Running from stupidity) #2

Priority is getting through the hurricane safely.

Getting kicked out of ketosis isn’t the worst thing in the world, you just get back to it when it’s possible.

(Chelsea Barnett) #3

I’m 7 lbs away from my goal weight and kickin myself in the butt. I hope I didn’t kick myself out but I already feel blah. I do also have a cold so maybe that’s why I feel so crummy

(Chelsea Barnett) #4

I agree. But I had plenty of low carb food and I ate the wrong stuff. So my fault. Can’t blame hurricane. Lol

(Running from stupidity) #5

Sure you can, it’s the stress :slight_smile:

Also, now eat the right stuff :slight_smile:

(Chelsea Barnett) #6

So you think I will get kicked out with 35 carbs??

(Running from stupidity) #7

People vary wildly, so it’s impossible for me to tell. But if you do, the world won’t end, you’ll just get back into it when you’re doing it right.

We screwed up our daily food intake the other day (while experimenting with a sauce and something else) and hit 30 and were fine, but for others it’s much tighter. Others can do 50+ with no issues.

I’m more interested in lipolysis than ketosis, TBH, but I believe that’s got a much slower in/out variability. (Reminder that I am often wrong and am open to correction :slight_smile:

(Jane) #8

Unless you have a blood meter no way to know for sure.

But you should be fat-adapted and as long as you go right back to keto you will slip right back into ketosis. Thankfully you don’t have to start over!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And congrats on only having 7 lbs to go to get to your goal weight - that’s awesome!!!

(Empress of the Unexpected) #9

You will be fine - takes me only about a day to get back in.

(Chelsea Barnett) #10

Thank you all for replying. No scale at my mom’s. No way to weigh and see if I gained water weight. But I didn’t wake up feeling bloated or anything. My knees are hurting and they have been fine since keto but I also have a cold and could be from the storm and I have been sleeping on a floor past 2 nights. But I feel fine otherwise. What are signs that you are out of ketosis. Idk why it’s bothering me so much to know. I just feel like I really made a bad choice. I wanted my first time bein knocked out to be after an earned cheat meal at my fav restaurant not with some knock off pizza rolls and cheap sugar cookie lol

(Jane) #11

Stop worrying about one bad choice - it will raise your cortisol levels and stop your weight loss!!!

Seriously - you have enough stress worrying over the storm.

If you don’t feel bloated, hungry when you normally aren’t or having carb cravings then you are likely back into ketosis and humming along as a little fat burner.


(Chelsea Barnett) #12

I’m not hungry at all today. :slight_smile: took Advil and joints aren’t hurting. I think I may be good. Thanks so much for replying. Maybe my body can handle more than 20g a day. But I will def not make a habit out of it

(Jane) #13

But if it makes you feel better I will give you my n=1. I only have a $10 breathylizer, not a blood monitor but better than pee strips.

I have been eating out with out-of-country colleagues all last week. Two from Sweden, one from Denmark and one from the UK. Of course I wanted to show off all the great food we have in Houston.

First 2 nights it was Mexican and steak so made good choices and stayed in ketosis. The last night they wanted Italian *groan *. I took them to a nice place and ordered a dish w/o pasta. But I still ate too many carbs. A couple of small fried calamari rings, a sliver of bread dipped in some wonderful herb oil. Oh - and the “grilled chicken” was lightly breaded and pan-seared. I was unhappy, but should have asked.

The next morning - yep, knocked out of ketosis as I expected. And… was hungrier than usual all day but I ignored it, stuck to strict keto whole foods and by bedtime I was blowing excess ketones on my little meter.

No harm, no foul.

(Paula Kidonakis) #14

So I guess it’s ok to take advil or aleeve which is my painkiller fo choice?

(Chelsea Barnett) #15

I take Advil when I need it. I’m not sure what you are asking. I assume it is okay for keto. Never thought about it. Would it have carbs?

(Chelsea Barnett) #16

Thanks for sharing your experience. Definitely makes me feel hopeful:)

(Short224) #17

I’m dealing with the hurricane as well it’s been extremely hard moving around and trying to keep food cold I had been off for a few days I haven’t gained a bit and I’m fasting today it’s fine you are fat adapted you will be back in before you know it !

(Running from stupidity) #18

Europeans going to Houston and having Italian? WTF?


(Jane) #19

I know, right?

I just shrugged and found the highest rated one near us.

We have some great Vietnamese and Indian food here also.

(Jane) #20

Cajun seafood is a waste on them because they don’t like spicy food. I guess Indian would be out also, now that I think about it.