Kettle & Fire Bone Broth - Has Anyone Tried This Stuff?

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I currently use a tasteless liquid protein supplement (Coffee Booster Collagen) which I purchased in 250 ml bottles previously. There have been changes to the company since my last order and it looks like the 250 ml bottles have been eliminated. The smaller squirt bottles that now appear to be the only option are way too expensive for the amounts I use. So…

Looking for alternatives to add liquid protein to my morning keto coffee. I need a liquid because I already have a lot of powder in my mix and need more liquid. I came across Kettle & Fire bone broth products and wonder if anyone has used these and if they have a strong or relatively mild flavour. I’d be using the beef broth version. I don’t mind a bit of ‘meat flavour’ but I don’t want to overwhelm the coffee with it.

I can purchase this stuff in Canada via Nutura Market.

If no one has used this, that’s fine. I will probably just buy some and try it anyway. Thanks. :wink:

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I’ve made some soups from them. They’re good tasting but very expensive for stock / broth.

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I heard a podcast done with the owner. He started the business because he could not find good stock.

What I’ve found lately is that there’s more competition in this area, and even the big guns have “bone broth” (aka “stock”). I usually use their stuff if I’m trying to cook something.

If I’m drinking it, though, it might be worth the upgrade to theirs. They really put a lot of effort into sourcing the bones and making the stock. If you find the guy’s name and search for a podcast, I’m sure you could find it and listen to it.

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Stock/broth is also called “soup base.” It’s dead easy to make from the bones left over from a meal.

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I’ve always thought that stock = bones and broth = meat. So, “bone broth” makes no sense.

On the scale they’re making it, it’s more difficult. Apparently, they went through a ton of times, temperatures, pressures, stages, until getting the “formula” correct.

And beef stock is tough, as you’re supposed to bake the bones. That’s why most people make chicken stock. It’s easier.

I’ve made turkey stock, too. Even some duck stock.

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Since posting this I’ve looked at the offerings of a number of competing different brands. The more I’ve learned the less likely that any would be a suitable ingredient for what I want. For a couple of reasons: they all include a bunch of vegetables (and many vinegar!) in addition to the actual broth; and, the amount of protein is low. I don’t mind adding a little meat flavour to my coffee, but not the other stuff. And I"m looking for an alternative source of protein. So this looks less and less like a solution.

On the other hand, I can see this stuff in itself as an addition to my diet overall. I currently drink a hot and creamy bone broth beverage I make from a powder and I think some of these bone broth beverages could become an alternative to that, although I’d probably add some powder to increase the protein.

I"m awaiting a reply from Coffee Booster asking whether or not their 250 ml container is still available.

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My wife puts Vital Proteins in her first coffee in the morning. Is that available in Canada?

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Yes, Vital Proteins is available in Canada from multiple sources. However, I already use powdered collagen (and powdered whey) and what I need is liquid protein. I changed my macros recently to increase protein. Prior to that change my keto coffee mix contained more liquid in the form of various fats sufficient to dissolve/suspend the various powders completely. But now, I use less fat and more protein and need to add liquid, preferably a protein source. The mix I’ve come up with that includes Coffee Booster Collagen works very well, in fact better than my previous mix. I’m really hoping that Coffee Booster remains available in the larger container because I’m not finding anything to replace it. Yet.


Best thing I ever did! Wish I had a recommendation for the coffee.

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Any reason to not add it to coffee instead just have it before lunch or dinner or a cup after the coffee is you feel you need it earlier in the day? I’ve had several meals that were black coffee, followed by a cup of stock.

I only use bought chicken stock for when I run out of my home made stock. I have done beef bone broth as well, I just prefer chicken stock not concerned by the low carbs you might ingest from it… The Kettle & Fire costs way more than I am willing to pay for something made with salt, bones, and water.

(Bob M) #11

I usually just drink coffee with a tad bit of cream or (if I’m fasting until dinner or 24+ hours), black. With Vitamin d/k2 drops. That’s it.

But if you’re looking for a “breakfast”, what you’re making sounds good.

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I have yet to get a reply from Coffee Booster re their 250ml bottle. I’ll try again, but I have to presume at this point that it’s no longer available. So…

I’ve looked at numerous ‘broth’ alternatives and they contain so little protein they’re not worth the effort. So…

I’ve finally discovered this stuff:


The above is a Canadian source for quart quantities, but it’s also available from multiple sources in the US, here for example, in case anyone else is interested in it. Apparently, it’s made by a US company named Medtrition.

Coffee Booster Collagen is 100% protein, whereas this stuff is only 50%.

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There’s also this stuff, which is apparently only available in the US:


I started making my own which is unbelievably easy.
It is so handy to have in the fridge. Every time something burns or sticks to my frying pan a blob of bone broth will get it off. If saves on washing, saved hot water, I’ve instantly made a sauce and that sauce is good for me! It’s a win win win.
I don’t really like drinking it straight but I use it for most meals, or have it in the evening before bed with a dash of Worcester sauce, chilli oil, salt or in a coffee.

It has so many uses that your doing yourself a disservice by buying the powder.