Kettle bell swings

(eat more) #1

where have they been all of my life? lol

:heart: :heart: :heart_eyes::

(Julian Webber) #2

Have you tried windmills?

(eat more) #3

not in a LONG time and never with weights…i’ll give it a shot

(Patrick B.) #4

Just don’t let go…

(eat more) #5

yeah i sort of like my face as is :blush:


If you are new to windmills, try holding the KB in your bottom hand. I saw this technique in a video from Bodyfit By Amy’s YouTube channel.

Here’s a link. The whole video is very good, but the windmill variation begins just after minute 6:30.

Good luck!

(Angie) #7

Ty Anne for adding the video… I was looking for some new exercises to add in!

(Jaidann) #8

I love my kettlebell and her video’s :slight_smile:


I just got back inside after doing a set on my home-made kettlebell - great workout for so little time!

(eat more) #10

i just did 200 swings while wearing an X-Heavy resistance band…i think i’m gonna die lol (i use a dumbbell at home so sort of homemade? lol)

i like that i dont have to go to the gym to do them if i’m short on time and can still kick my own butt

(Aarn Farmer) #11

I just interviewed Tracy Reifkind on my podcast about Kettlebell training. It was absolutely fascinating and inspired me to begin Kettlebell training. I just need to order one from Amazon.


Yeesh, wouldn’t shipping be a nightmare? I’d try to find on one locally. Play It Again Sports has them at most locations I’ve seen, and all the major “big box” sporting goods stores should carry them.
The other advantage to buying in person is that you can feel the handle yourself. Some of the brands have either an odd-shapped handle (like more oblong than round) or even an actual casting seam running right along the upper inside of the handle … this makes it uncomfortable as heck for stuff like swings and probably pretty much impossible for high volume stuff.

(Aarn Farmer) #13

Fortunately I have Amazon Prime but no way to get to a store without some trouble. I ordered a 30 lb kettlebell to get started and I’ll see how it goes.

(Omar Newsome) #14

I am just now learning the greatness of KB in all kinds of movements! One of my favs right now is what I call a lunge KB dribble. You lunge back, pass the KB between your legs, stand up, press overhead and repeat! It’s a quick killer of the legs, core and shoulders and a slow killer of the gas tank!

(Garrell Herndon) #15

I’m just getting started with kettlebells. Got the book, “Simple & Sinister” by Pavel. There’s a video of the same name on Youtube. I’ve been doing the 5x5 workout and wonder about doing each workout on different days.

(Bunny) #16

Kettle bells (what I use) are the best exercise and weight lifting their is!

Better than any machines!

(Bob) #17

After a long break from them I’ve gotten back into my bells in the last week or so. Also going to implement my mace and maybe battle ropes. Getting away from running other than maybe sprints sometimes.

So far low carb and kettlebells seem to be working for me. Haven’t done anything for my hair (:laughing:) but I feel better.


I, too, have restarted some kettlebell workouts. It’s a great way to fit in a workout on a day when you don’t have a lot of time.

At the moment, I’m just doing swings, but I should also start doing TGUs and long cycle clean and press too.

(Bob) #19

Oh man, get ups are a beast. I started back doing them with the 25lb and thought “Hey, not so bad” then like an idiot grabbed my 40lb… that quickly changed my mind.


I had managed to work my way up to doing TGUs with 40kg (88 lb) bell at one point (though not very often - it was scary). My goal was to be able to do them with a 48kg bell, but I realized that my shoulder flexibility for doing an overhead lockout wasn’t good enough.

These days - okay, I’ve actually done a few TGUs in recent months, just not in recent weeks - I’ve been doing a warm up TGU without any weight and if that goes okay, I’ll then do one or two with my 20kg bell.