Ketosis during Exercise


I’ve been on ketogenic diet for awhile. I was told that exercise will increase ketosis, also with fasting. I’ve been monitoring my blood, recently, and have found that my lowest levels are while fasting and following exercise. Ca\

Can anyone explain why this is so? Doesn’t seem to make sense

(Stacy Blanchard) #2

What is being measured is what is floating around unused. You are most likely using them. How are you measuring by the way and what is your purpose for measuring?


More or less does the opposite, exercising burns a lot of fuel and is a stress to the body, both will lower ketones. Don’t waste the strips within a couple hours of working out. Exercise is great keto or not, don’t let ketone levels tell you otherwise.

Think of it from a sugar burning view, you eat a bunch of carbs and pretend we have a “carb level” in your blood and glycogen in your muscles, if you work out hard for a while and retest, you won’t have more, you’ll have LESS as you’ve burned them up. We don’t work any different with ketones. Once there is more need your liver will make more. The longer you’re keto the more “on demand” your ketone production becomes. Most of us that have been doing this long term always have crap levels, really makes no difference most of the time.


Interesting. I hadn’t heard that. I use Keto-Mojo (blood). I am measuring in order to learn if I am doing things correctly, which is apparently much more complex than I had thought.


I will slow down on the testing.
Thanks for educating me


thank you for your information.

I finally found someone talking about similar matters

(Bill C) #7

Interesting. I always measure ketosis levels after working out and I am normally in the 1.5-1.8 range AND I consume a lot of carbs, typically 270g a day. So, why am I in ketosis? I would alter my diet if I wasn’t but since I am I will just keep doing what I am doing.

(Dana) #8

Oh my lord :scream:
Where do all your carbs come from? Not being judgmental, I’m just curious.

(Bill C) #9

Today they came from split pea soup, mixed vegetables, hummus, shredded wheat.