Ketones and heart arrhythmia/palpitations

(Carrie H) #41

Hi Anne and thank you for sharing your story. I started Keto in November of 2019. And have had success up until early March 2020. and what I mean by success I’ve lost weight felt great and got my visual period back. Not sure if the visual period was such a success but being on low dos birth control for 20 years I haven’t seen that very often. However, I too started having heart palpitations which have led to anxiety/panic attacks. I am a very healthy 42 year old female with my birth control as the only medication I take daily. My family does have a history of heart problems and after 42 years of being healthy I figured must be my time to have medical issues. Anyway, I went to the emergency room and I determined I had a panic attack. My electrolyte level were good as well as the e k g. I also have heartburn like nobody’s business these days. I’m thinking I’ve reached a plateau. And maybe my body has decided that I need more weight. I’m down 20 lbs since November which feels and looks great but with constant heart palpitations, anxiety, and heartburn now I’ve decided to up my carb intake to 100 to see if that will help. I also drink a lot of water and take electrolyte drops every other day. I never really counted my carbs but daily intake was probably under 40 for the last 4 months. Honestly, it’s getting a little exhausting trying to figure out what’s going to happen next. Prior to Keto I never worried or had episodes like this. It’s a constant guessing game and it’s frustrating. So that’s my story and guess I’ll keep you all updated on how my increased carb intake will go. Thanks for reading. Carrie

(Edith) #42

When I was having my terrible heart palpitations, my blood electrolytes were fine, too. Magnesium deficiency doesn’t necessarily show up in blood levels because of how it is stored in the body.

I was taking 400 Mg a day, but I had to increase my Mg intake to 800-900 mg a day for well over a month to get my palpitations to go away. Anxiety is also a symptom of Mg deficiency.

Read “The Magnesium Miracle” by Dr. Carolyn Dean. You may find you just need more Mg.


(Carrie H) #43

Thank you for the information. I have upped my carbs slightly and haven’t had any palpitations since. I’m also feeling more energized and overall just feel better. I have had no weight gain with the increase so I must have needed it. I truly think every “body” is different and there is no set way to do keto or any diet just be patient, dilegent, and do your research. Find out what works for you and listen to your body. Hope all are staying safe and healthy!

(Gemma Stone) #44

This can be due to dehydration. It’s quite a common cause if you have ruled out any red flags :slight_smile: