Ketones and heart arrhythmia/palpitations

(Tom Seest) #21

I would definitely check with your doctor.

The beta blockers vary in how they act on the heart. Arrhythmias are normally electrical problems caused by an electrical signal short circuiting. They often refer to these signals or circuits as channels. So, beta blockers can act by blocking sodium channels or calcium channels, and can also have other mechanisms of actions. Too much or not enough magnesium can also cause arrhythmias. As you can see, these are all important electrolytes. So, play it safe, gather more information, and feel better. As someone that spent 14 months with constant Atrial Fibrillation and heart failure, I understand how bad it can feel. So, best wishes and get well…


Thank you. I will.

(Anne Bliss) #23

This is interesting. I’ve been waking up shortly after going to bed, rarely, (once a year until recently, its happening more often), with irregular pounding heart beats and increased heartrate. It’s only happened if I’m on low carb, the first 2 episodes were exactly 1 year apart and I remember “oh maybe I didn’t drink much water that day?” and “oh i barely ate that day, was so busy etc” … then recent episodes 1-2 a month, similar, not eating much/very low carb and IFing. It started when I was 37 and I am now 38 and otherwise a healthy female who turns to low carb to lose weight (no other sickness or ailments, no medication, all bloodwork is healthy, no diabetes, etc). I’m trying to figure out the common factor with my episodes so I can avoid it - the only thing is low carb and IF combination. I do use keto aid (but perhaps not on those days) but the episodes started increasing after I added Mg (after seeing a cardiologist and wearing the monitor for 30 days this January, which confirmed afib - my Dr was surprised!). The recent episodes would happen within 30 min after I take the Mg vitamin at bedtime… I’ll be resting/half asleep and boom, heart wakes me up. The scariest episodes can last 1-3 hours, and I’ve had at least 2 episodes that were brief - I didn’t even notice/wake up for (monitor caught it). During the 30 days monitor, I specifically started it during high carb/holiday (NYE) and vacation timing as well as fasting and low carbing, to help pinpoint if it’s random or not. The afib episodes are never during the high carb standard american diet days. I’ve also fasted after carb heavy days (i.e. eat SAD diet sunday and eat again on Wednesday), and no episodes there. My cardiologist thinks it is environmental and it is not the same a-fib that our parents/70s+ yr olds get. It’s not sustained and I’ve had zero heart issues history wise - echo is fine, no heart disease risk, etc. This is something acute and can be reversed, she says. Anyway, the more I look into it, and with the recent Keto causes AFIB articles - I don’t think low carb is for me. I’ve turned to it for nearly 2 decades…and it’s been a way of life for me to buckle down and lose some weight, after childbirth or putting on extra, etc. I don’t tend to lose doing just low carb anymore, so I have to also IF and limit the hours. I’m fine eating 1 hour a day or skipping a day here or there, and that’s the only way I see progress these days unfortunately. I don’t know if it was lack of water or electrolyte imbalance - I am kind of sick of trying to figure out what the “right balance” is - who even knows? What if for me it changes daily, etc? If I eat carbs, I don’t have to worry about salt and potassium and keto aid and Mg supplements how many grams I’m getting of everything - for me, I never want another episode again so I’m trying to focus on the IF and hope I can make progress with just that. What I find most disappointing is that the keto brigade was so quick to say “fake news!” when the afib articles came out. Here I was thinking “man that is what I was suspecting for a year now!” I want to raise my hand and say, yeah that’s easy for YOU to say - here I am a healthy female (besides overweight) trying to lose 30lbs and now I have experienced AFIB on keto/low carb. It’s messing with me in some way and I think there is something to those studies being done. Maybe low carb isn’t for everyone. My genetic testing (23andme and FoundmyFitness/promethease) also didn’t recommend low carb in the manner I was eating it (bacon, beef, pork, sausage, cheese, etc). My various FTO geneotype makeup just so happens to repeatedly recommend I keep a high poly unsaturated fat vs saturated fat intake, so I have to focus on fatty fish (yuck) and nuts (I can eat a lot of nuts so I’m not sure that’s so good). Anyway, all this to say - I am not a professional in nutrition or medical field but I do know that something is off with lowcarb/IF for me so there might be more of you out there. Wishing you all the best of health, and listen to your body if something seems wrong like sudden onset of afib @ a young age during low carbing.


Same thing happened to me. I was so scared. I had palpitations and arrhythmia. I started taking potassium and magnesium supplements and the symptoms went away. You have to take a lot of potassium. And drink a bunch of water.