Ketones and exercise recovery

(Bob M) #1

So, I listened to this:

They discussed their review article, which looked mainly at exogenous ketones. In the podcast, they discussed that ketones between 1-3 mmol/l are suitable for post-exercise recovery, and they did not believe it mattered whether they were exogenous or endogenous.

Here is their review article:

They recommend ketones + protein + some carbs, post-exercise, for at least certain types of exercise. Last week, I started protein + some carbs after my workouts. That is, in addition to meat, I’ve added in some whey protein, along with a few carbs, on my first meal after exercise. Too short of a time to know anything, and this week (darn Daylight Savings!), I haven’t been able to get up in time to work out.


One thing I don’t know is if my paltry blood ketones (very low after 7+ years low carb) help or hurt my recovery. I don’t want to take exogenous ketones. I assume it’s OK, as this probably indicates my muscles are well adapted to this situation, but I have no idea. Zero studies on people like me.

That is, they don’t seem to have good/any data on people who have been low carb/keto for a long time, like me.

They have no data on people like me, who lift by body weight and infrequently and do only short, more intense aerobics (2-3x per week). Everything seems to involve cyclists. While I do ride 1-2 days per week, these are short, hilly rides, and I’m not a “cyclist” by any stretch.

No idea how many carbs I actually need. I’m only getting about 20-30 grams at most and only the meal after I exercise. Is this too much, not enough, just right? And I want my CGM back, so I see what’s really happening.

Anyway, this might be a tool for any of those lifters or cyclists out there.