Ketones @16mmol/l


I stared this diet on Jan 1st, managed to get into Ketosis at about day 4 and doing well, but when I measured my ketones lat night using a ketostick it showed up the darkest shade (16mmol) I feel ok, just really thirtsty, I’m not diabetic, so just wondering if I should worry that the level is so high?
How high is the risk of developing Ketoacidosis if you’re not diabetic?
Thanks for any advice

(Ethan) #2

Ketosticks are not very useful for this

(Eric) #3

Ketone levels in the urine depend on how hydrated you are. Drink more water and they should go down.

(Allie) #4

Throw the sticks away and if you’re thirsty drink more water, maybe with a little salt added if you can stomach it.


Great, thanks so much for the responses!
That makes me feel better :muscle:t4:

(Garry (Canada)) #6

You need to increase your fluid intake.
eg…Water, salad greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, coffee, ice cubes, etc.