Ketone synthesis by astrocytes in the brain

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Maybe one of the ways we of (really) low ketones can get brain energy?

The reference appears only behind a paywall, though.

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Interesting! I guess that means that fatty acids must somehow cross the blood-brain barrier. But since the ketone bodies are partial metabolites of fatty acids, I wonder why they don’t simply say that the brain is able to metabolise fatty acids?

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Here are the links:

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@PaulL I was not able to get the full paper. This came from a discussion on Twitter with Amy Berger. She was going to cite a case, but had to leave. I just used her terms to search. I went back today to see if I could find her response, but couldn’t find the thread. Ugh. Twitter can be hard for me to use on my phone sometimes.

@amwassil Thanks, will look at those later. Preparing for vacation, and have little time.