Ketogenic Survival Guide for Beginners


(Ana) #21

Great post. Thanks for the advice & info. :slight_smile:


Wow @meretec, that’s fantastic! 15?! What a wonderfully, open minded work place you must have.

Glad to hear that you’re enjoying the experience so far. There’s often so much focus in the first week or two on all the things you can’t eat and the fear of Keto flu when you get started however, there’s so many wonderful, delicious foods that you can enjoy that are just so tasty when fats are allowed back into the mix and, of course, not everyone suffers from unpleasant effects of carb withdrawal.

Congratulations on all that you (and your colleagues) have achieved so far. I’d love to hear how you’re all going between now and the end of your challenge…and how many of you decide to continue eating ketogenically once the 3 weeks is up! :blush::+1:

(Merete C) #23

Yes it is so great and fun also. The food is such a big plus and being a big group (I think) will hopefully help everyone to stick to it. Oh, and I gave everyone the 2KetoDudes “The Ketogenic Diet in a Nut Shell”, and gave a small presentation with my own experiences and what to expect before they made their choice. Well, and we have a great supportive kitchen staff who don’t mind having some more butter and cheese to have fun with.
I’ll keep you posted

(David) #24

That’s brilliant. Shame I don’t have a canteen where I work.

(Phil Ware) #25

Hi everyone,
I’m new to lchf and have been going about three weeks now
Lost nearly 2 kg so far
I think I’m getting the flu but not sure, I have the foggy brain and sore throat, but mostly an ever running or blocked nose…is this a usual symptom or not?


Could be that you’ve picked up a regular cold instead of suffering from carb withdrawal (or perhaps a combination of both). Keep your electrolytes up (give the KetoAide recipe by @Brenda a try, if you haven’t done so already) and sip on bone broth if you have some handy. Hope you feel better soon!

(Fasting Educator) #27

I love this statement, and ain’t it the truth!

It’s been 3 years since I’ve been new, but I remember how overwhelmed I was! Volek and Phinney’s book “The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living” was my constant companion. I carried it around and referred to it often.
Good write up @KetoKate

(Merete C) #28

Hey KetoKate and everyone
Just a halfway note from my dining hall!!
Everybody’s still on so that shows 15 happy ketonians so far.
A few tidbits I have been told so far:

  • One had his cystolic blood pressure come down into the normal range after having been too high for years
  • One took in his belt one notch
  • One had gained 1 lb and he is superthin and is hoping to gain weight by going Keto, so very happy
  • 5 have felt clearly better digestion (relief from constipation, bloating etc)
  • 2 have lost a little weight in the range of 2 lbs
  • many experience NO craving, NO midmeal snacking or hunger. They like this very much
  • 2 have had some brief nausea and dizzyness, but bonebroth, salt and one day a quarter apple took care of it
  • I had one experience of bloating after a very nice keto chocolate thing - I will check which sweetener they used so I know.
    I am still very happy with progress so far


Awesome!! And you’re all only halfway! It’s great that everyone is feeling so positive and already seeing the benefits of Keto. Keep up the fantastic work - looking forward to your next progress update. :blush:

(Phil Ware) #30

Thanks Kate
I think your right it’s a bit of both, the blocked/runny nose seems to come and go tho
Makes me wonder if it’s a reaction to a food
I’m logging what I eat, but nothing seems obvious.
Never mind, plough on through, be worth it in the end


How’s your dairy intake? It’s known for its mucus-enducing properties; perhaps this is something you’re susceptible to? Just keep adjusting as you go and track your responses (N=1, remember! :blush:) Yep, it definitely will be worth it. Hang in there.

(Marshelle) #32

Awesome!! Great to have support and support others!

(Joe Shelton) #33

What are “Macros”?


It’s short for “macronutrients”.

(David) #35

Macronutrients. The percentages of carbs, fat and protein that go to make up your foods and meals.

Trackers like MFP (My Fitness Pal) break them down nicely for you.

You might find this page useful WIKI: Acronyms to navigate the acronyms and initialisms.

(Joe Shelton) #36

Thank you!!!

(Joe Shelton) #37

Thank you !!

(Merete C) #38

Hi KetoKate
You asked for an update after my 3-week LCHF menu upgrade in my cafeteria.
Sorry it took me so long but I got laid down with a herniated disc, ouch.
I can tell you that it was a huge success. I made a survey after the finish of the three weeks and around half got back to me with 90% positive experiences - such as getting rid of bloating, indigestion, less hunger, more energy, MUCH more energy, waist circumference shrinking 1 belt hole, weight loss in the range of 1-3 lbs.
11 want to continue!!! So my hidden agenda all along was successful. Now the cafeteria will offer two menus! One normal but still fairly healthy (whole foods) and one of LCHF.
I bought the Ketogenic Cookbook by Maria Emerich and Jimmy Moore for the cooks.

Myself: Interesting result.
I started LCHF in August, by picking and choosing from the normal menu and adding up with olive oil, creme fraiche, whipping cream, coconut oil etc. I felt instantly better with my energy levels and digestion so not in doubt that this was for me, but my extra 5-10 lbs did not move at all.
During these three weeks where I got to finally get my food with enough fat I LOST six lbs! Yep, I know it could also be that my body has healed during the 4 months previous, but it is kind of a cool result anyway. My fat weight shows exactly the same muscle tissue as before, so I know it is fat that has disappeared.
It got a little long, but it is a good experience to share. Merete


Firstly - Yikes! Hope you’re no longer in pain.

Secondly - spectacular result!!!

Great news on your cafeteria offering up a Keto menu. Hats off to your catering staff for being open to change and prepared to adjust menus to address the needs of staff.

You all deserve a big pat on the back…and a round of applause to you in particular…nice job leading the way! :clap::trophy::smile:

(David) #40

Wow, that’s one way to get your cafeteria to do a LCHF menu :wink: Well done.