Ketogenic Diets Are B.S. for Weight Loss


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I predict we’ll be seeing these kinds of articles and sentiments with increasing frequency as Keto gains more traction and word gets out that fat has been our friend all along. Vast industries are threatened by a return to healthy eating and living. Those involved are going to lash out and try to delay the inevitable since livelihoods and profit systems depend on the status quo.

This paragraph illustrates my point:

That’s because my intro to this seemingly new plan was when I worked in a hospital, where ketogenic diets were specifically used as a medical nutrition therapy for pediatric patients with seizure disorders, for whom medication was no longer effective. In other words: It was used as an absolute last resort for families who felt otherwise hopeless in the face of a neurological disease, and under strict medical supervision.

Only after the profitable treatments were tried did they do the right thing: treat the underlying condition using knowledge and food. The “last resort” was the thing proven to work.

Some day our system will be moral enough to do the effective treatment first. That day can’t come soon enough.

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And that’s the sad fucking irony of our medical, for profit system.

Amen, but I’m not holding my breath, although I’d love to see it happen in my lifetime!



If your mom is one of those who would read a scientific study maybe asking her to be more discriminating when sharing with you the articles discouraging you from your way of life. Share with her that you aren’t interested in articles written that aren’t rigorous and don’t have science cited to back up the author. Opinion pieces just aren’t that informative or interesting, and you don’t make decisions on how to live your life based on those.

Having said that…there are alot of citations that are meaningless as well. The pseudo science…

Oh well, might as well just love her back!

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Exactly. The corrupt organizations and their “dietitian” and “journalistic” puppets are circling the wagons. The heck with public health, profits are being threatened here.

Our health care (read: disease maintenance) system is, in some respects, nothing more than a predatory creature feeding off of ignorance and greed. But take heart: this is Galileo Part II and truth will prevail.

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Nah! We’ve all read enough right here to read no further. Only things that rag is good for are lining a bird cage or shredding for compost.

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You know, this kind of ignorance and blatant false reporting makes me question everything I read now. How do we know that people know what they are writing about?

In any situtation there’s your truth/version, my truth/version, then what really happened.

But yeah, this is very disheartening. People do searches, and these are the type of articles that pop up and those curious people are reading them. They don’t know it’s really false. Even if they say, OK that’s one opinion, let me read some more, surely there will be that fair and balanced mix of results here. NOPE, they’re all a bunch of drivel. You have to get lucky to find the good stuff.

I think our movement is still largely word of mouth and our inner circles seeing our results and getting curious.Then we can guide them to the proper resources for more information.


Absolutely! I think this makes us beautifully complex and frustrating. I think people see what they believe, the curious read what validates their beliefs. When a person encounters something that opposes their belief system or threatens the security that comes from seeing what one believes, it takes some serious emotional muscle and flexibility to look further.

I think on the most part, the Keto communities demonstrate both emotional muscle and cognitive flexibility. The help and guidance offered on this forum are incredible in demonstrating that too.


This - the idea that living and eating in a way that sustains health is somehow less joyful - always blows me away.

Which one is more joyful?
losing feet/having feet
being always hungry/feeling satisfied and nourished
low energy/vibrant

It’s such a narrow version of joy! Call me crazy but I’d rather be enjoying all the wonderful things that come with vibrant health (like, say, a wonderful sex life, or having the energy and passion to do so many other things) than eating a cookie.

Replace the word “joy” with “short -term gratification” and that sentence sounds as silly as it actually is.

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@elaine1 Agreed! I have been scouring the topics and discussions. SO MUCH great information and support here.

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Part of the problem is a lack of critical thinking and understanding of the scientific method. Children need to be taught this at school and it’s even more important now considering how much crap is written and published and goes unchallenged.

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It’s the last treatment only because a lot of people think it’s unhealthy or undoable, and they are all wrong. Millions of years of human ancestors didn’t have sugars or starches very often.

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Sustainability; again here we have an argument that bridges on dualistic conceptions of one methodology as opposed to the other?

Why can it not be both in reference to balancing out where the problems are?

Burning glucose for energy constantly is not sustainable either, especially when it comes to the dangers of highly refined and processed sugars and carbs…

Always must keep in mind that losing weight is not a natural process either, we are designed to use energy in contrast to physical exertion; and if so, we are eating way more than the body can use the energy and if not than it stores it as fat…

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As stupid is, as stupid does!

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I did not hear this on FATHEAD but on Cholesterol Clarity by Jimmy Moore from a doctor that thinks he heard it on FATHEAD, but I like what it says and will share it here. I will have to watch FATHEAD again to see if I can catch this phrase verbatim.

“If all of humans existence started one year ago, 365 days ago, yesterday we started eating grains”, and I can add to that, one hour ago we started eating more sugar. In 1870 the average person had less than one pound of sugar a year, I read today the average person eats 150 to 170 pounds of sugar a year. In the late 1800s sodas became popular and we started drinking our sugar, then potatoes were introduced by immigrants as well as pasta and pastries and cakes and pies and little Debbies and Krispy Kreme. It’s exactly when heart disease and diabetes became rampant in the early 1900s, and as time goes on, heart disease, diabetes and metabolic syndrome is not getting better, but worse. And the low carb diets are the only cure. Sweets and treats that the average person eats every day is something we may indulge very rarely, like maybe one did in the 1870s.

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I went to that article and there is no way to respond or comment, that is not even fair! If someone downs anything, or praises anything, shouldnt we be able to respond or comment if we agree or disagree? I would boycott that website.

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Modern Humans have apparently been around for roughly 315,000 years according to skeletal remains recently found near Morocco. Agriculture roughly 28,000 years ago in New Guinea with Taro and Sugar cane, and roughly 11,000 in the fertile crescent with wheat and barley, 8,000 years ago in China for rice, 4,000 years ago in the Americas with Maize and corn. And Industrialized food production really started taking off in Britain in 1770 as agricultural production for the first time outpaced population growth.

So the numbers are a little off, but lets do the math.

If it is currently midnight on new years eve, and modern humans appeared on the stroke of Jan 1.

Date Event
November 29th Taro and Sugar Cane
December 19 Wheat and Barley
December 22 Millet and Rice
December 27 Corn Maize
New years eve, 5PM Industrialized food
New years eve, 10PM Ancel Keys and the Diet Heart hypothesis

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If you really think about it deeply, I do mean deeply, it is about acccessibility to types of food in mans early history! For example I would think of highly refined processed sugars and carbohydrates as SUPERFOODS meaning if it really came down to starving to death, a bag of Cheetos and Little Debbie whatever snacks could sustain life (on very small portions) for a period of time until you could get to real food! Our ancestors ate a lot of organ meats (post-deluge/flood), vegetables, fruits, including minerals (actual dirt) when these things were readily available which may have not been often (variety)!

We all pretty much know this, but the the story does not end their or I should say begin their!


I am going to describe something here that is very esoteric, ancient and deeply profound and it has to do with our antediluvian (pre-flood/deluge) ancestors WHO DID NOT EAT MEAT and were strictly vegetarians with no desire to eat meat and their is endless evidence currently mounting (and will be in the future) in different branches of the scientific communities to support what I am about to describe (very controversial in a creationist and evolutionist context) in the differences in the terrestrial environment as opposed to what we subsist on for sustenance in modern times! In Native American culture and lore their is unwritten lore so keep in mind what I am describe is written and unwritten (by word of mouth only!).


Both Vegans and Ketonauts have a point and here is why their is so much confusion when contrasting dietary sciences!

These differences have to do with dietary nutrients and intake requirements under certain terrestrial bio-atmospheric conditions and its effects on biological homeostasis:

  1. EARTHS ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD (different stages and strength of the earths electromagnetic field in history)

  2. ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE (pressurized oxygenation; ultra endurance e.g. human being could run 30 miles and barely be out of breath)

  3. COSMIC RADIATION (exposure from the sun; ultra violet radiation etc. and outer space) The earths once existing crystalline water canopy or water now filling the ocean that gets caught up in the earths electromagnetic field from the regions of the north and south poles (that were once tropical regions) had much more energy in its ethereal pattern implosion field creating a crystalline hydrogen bio-dome in which the sky had a pink hue color not a blue oxygen looking hue!

Very subtle changes in these conditions in nature changes the whole ecosystem of the earth and it’s effects on the homeostasis of living organisms including non-living elements (periodic table of elements) such as minerals (e.g. composition of different types of metals in smelt bonding).

In some aspect the Ketogenic diet replicates the pre and post-flood (as the firmament or crystalline canopy, atmospheric pressure variants, and electromagnetic fields strength lingered for some time thereafter) homeostasis.

DIETARY ANALOGY (changing the whole biological matrix of molecular functionality & compound compositions):

If you were to increase the strength earths electromagnetic field and then increase the atmosopheric pressure (e.g. hyperbaric sciences i.e. pressurized oxygenation) twice to what it is now and block out cosmic radiation from outer space, then the need to eat meat and fat would not be needed or required to be healthy as our bodies would adjust or revert back to the way they were intended to function increasing the human life span up to a limit of possibly 900 years!

Now if this is true, then how do we conceptualize all the biological sciences and over all homeostasis behind dieting? FAT & MEAT with VEGGIES are the winners under current homeostatic conditions!

I know this is hard for even the most brilliant minds to mentally digest but it is a fact rooted in nature just from examining the thousands of subtle clues throughout the history of literature (including ancient text, geometric symbols & glyphs) and in the different branches of science for the hard empirical cross-validation of what is being construed here to catch up with our current state of scientific ideology?

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Uh, so let me follow this… :smirk:…bacon good.


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Yes bacon good!