Ketogenic Diets Are B.S. for Weight Loss


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Now I am conflicted. I wanted to share this article to discuss with the group but knowing I am driving traffic to their site and making them ad money doesn’t make me feel good.

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Best of luck. :slight_smile:

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Can’t really be helped, man. May as well have the info there. What could help is to copy and paste the contents into the body of your original post, ABOVE the link. That would at least help to discourage, and still keep all of the information available.


Damn right. Chronically sick people are extremely profitable.


Which might be part of their motivation for posting such an article, knowing the popularity of keto right now…Hmmmm…

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It’s the standard Registered Dietician response, similar to what they recommend for diabetics…eat your whole wheat toast with jam and OJ for breakfast.:nauseated_face:


…and if the horse is nice and plump, BBQ it.

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She has a very specific idea of the keto diet provided in their pediatric neuro ward, and unfortunately is extrapolating it out to everyone else.

If she took a moment to realize we’ve adopted the macro ratio to real-food and not measured chow essentially she might see the wisdom in it.

Also does she really think we’re under 1000 calories a day? I thought one of the gripes was that it was a high calorie starvation diet, hah.

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1000 Calories is my morning coffee alone.

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and cover it with insulin because that’s healthy :crazy_face:

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How about this variation on a letter Beethoven supposedly sent to a music critic who gave one of his symphonies a bad review: “Dear Ms. London: I am sitting in the smallest room of my house. Your article on the keto diet is in front of me. Soon it will be behind me. Yours truly.”

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And they think our WOE is BS!!!

Would you like another slice of (fake) wholemeal bread and honey to wash down your medication (add in preferred SAD induced ill health outcome of your choice)?

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The main argument appears to be “it is not sustainable”. I started Dr Westman’s Ketogenic Clinic Diet in 2010, lost 60 pounds, and have sustained that loss for 7.5 years. 66 years old, 11 year cancer survivor, take no medications. DietDoctor has a topic with many long term success stories. Playing the “it’s not sustainable” card is getting a bit old, also the reason US News Best Diets rank put Keto last. But a new JAMA article is more open to using it long-term for weight loss and T2.

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well damn it, I must be a very very sick person then without all those carbs, shit must have dreamt the ride up mountains without them

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Dieticians are baptized in the low fat high carb dogma. They think 2 to 4 years or more of college makes them an authority, even when real science and evidence works against them. I took a nutrition course and the dietician who taught the course was strictly against the low carb diet, which I argued was a good healthy way to lose weight. She was all about healthy grains and starchy vegetables, and she was quite overweight herself! And she was resident in a local hospital also! I was NOT as obese as she was, and she dictates what other people should eat.

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I believe they are also required to provide “HCLF” answers on certification exams.

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If John Wayne never said that…he should have !


YA! This lady REALLY knows something about what we do alright!