Ketogenic Diet - How to Get Started


(Carroll Ann Palmer) #22

thanks, been adjusting intake to at least be balanced even when I’m not hungry

(John Cahill) #23

Certainly best to go home made. My problem is finding a Mayo that has no added sugar in the ingredients or added bad fat such as Canola Oil. Even the Olive oil Mayos have some other bad fat.

(brian a kilgallon) #24

I also need help. Today is day:2 for me.
I’m trying to be agressive with it zero flour & sugar.
I’m tryna loose 35 lbs/16 kgs. Day one went well, actually stayed under my counts in each category. I’m using an app, lifesum. Seems pretty alright; I’m using the free version, so it could be better. It doesnt give me the NET CARBs ive been reading about; thats the biggest disappointment. I used Keto Diet app to see where my numbers should be, then i got lifesum the suggested accompanying app for tracking … Yesterday, I came to understand that getting all your protiens is a big deal, so todays lunch salad incorporated an egg (avocado, spinach, fresh herbs, sunflower seeds, feta, diy vinegrett)… I also made a keto coffee=breakfast.
Now, I am very surprised to see that I’m over in fats by 12 grams!? I have 800kj left for the day and I’m not at the halfway point for protein. And we know that protein and fat go together… So how is this done??
I’m looking at the recipies, they dont look very keto-like with thier below ground veggies and qinoi, and oatmeal. Also, I’m getting the idea that portions in images are misleading.
So, how is this thing really done?

(Robert C) #25

One thing that might help is to focus on your protein to hit your macros (assuming your just trying to minimize carbs and keep them under 20 g - so you don’t care about “spending” those because you don’t really have any).

If you want to hit around 2000 calories per day then - at 20 percent from protein - that’s 400 cal or 100 grams of carbs to go along with about 175 grams of fat. Even if you just stick with ratio thinking - you are trying to get almost twice as many grams of fat as protein (1.75 to 1 really). That is difficult with butchers trimming fat and companies formulating low fat for everything. Even ribeye steak has about as many protein grams as fat grams.

That is where butter in your coffee, cooking eggs in extra coconut oil, sautéing vegetables in ghee etc. helps because you can add some almost-pure-fat grams to your meal to get better on you ratio.

In the above example, at 2 meals a day you want 50 grams of protein in each - at three meals a day you want 33 grams of protein in each.

So, for example, at 3 meals a day - if you want ribeye, you want to stick with 5 ounces of steak to give you the 33 grams of protein and then add butter in the cooking process, sautéed vegetables etc. (or have 4 ounces of steak and add an ounce of cheese, which is usually about 1 to 1 fat to protein ratio). After you have account for the fat in the steak (or steak and cheese) you’ve still go to ensure you’ve you got about another 25 grams of pure fat from the sautéed vegetables, cooking process, etc.

Of course, this is all to try to ensure ketosis - you may be able to have a few more carbs, you may only need to limit protein to 25 or 30%.

(Daniel Garcia Flores) #26

Hi all thank you for creating this forum. Im on my 5th week of keto I started at 181, my partner started at 198. We both eat the same exactly the same. with the big difference that I excercise, cardio and very light weight lifting. However he has dropped about 15 lbs. me in the other hand barely 4 lbs. Im going to give myself 2 more week to see If I see any changes. I don’t want to give up, but I feel like I am walking on circles going nowhere. I guess I was made to eat doughnuts and fast foods, cause at this point I don’t see much difference. or should I try a fat burner supplement to accelerate the fat, that stubborn fat that doesn’t allowed me to reach me goal? Thanks all.

(Matthew Kiel) #27

New to the forum, but successfully ketogenic for over 4 months! :smiley: I’ve lost a net 35 pounds (up and down a little in between) and added like 8 new holes on my belt! Living La Vida Keto and loving every bit of it!! Looking forward to really delving into this forum and gaining even more insight from the Dudes and their kin. :wink: