Ketogenic Diet Excel Spreadsheet to track your daily intake and plan-out meals!


(Dillon Fecht) #1

Hey guys! Feel free to email me at for a great chart I made for myself and my girlfriend! Copy and paste required info from “Nutrition Facts” table into the “Daily Diet Calculations Table” and BAM, your Fat, Protein, and Carb ratios appear in the “Actual Daily Results” box. Feel free to edit your “Daily Diet Goals” to reflect your ideal ratios. Feel free to google info and add any additional foods you want to use into the nutrition facts table, these are just some of our favorite foods!

Personally, I feel that the best uses for this spreadsheet are to document your daily intake to know where you’re at for the day and to experiment with different foods while planning out meals.

Attached is a photo of the spreadsheet, but unfortunately, I am unable to upload Excel files in this blog… :frowning:


Dillon & Paige