Ketofest 2022


Nothing on here yet. Ketofest 2022! Tickets, Fri, Jul 15, 2022 at 4:00 PM | Eventbrite

Is anybody here planning on going?

(Bob M) #2

Is that a pig head I see?

So, the General Admission means you can’t see the talks in person? Only on a screen?


Oink oink.

(Bob M) #4

I’ve always wanted to go to the full experience. I went to KetoFest 2017, but only to the science day. I’d love to do the VIP, but even though I live in CT, getting to and from there is an issue. (For such a small state, CT has its driving issues.) I’d have to stay overnight.

(Robin) #5

As soon as I find a sugar daddy to buy my airline tickets! (Or maybe a carb daddy.)

(Joey) #6

Had purchased tickets to a Ketofest about two years ago - which sadly got cancelled (coronavirus stuff).

Travel to CT might be tough given other summertime activities, but perhaps a virtual ticket (remote livestream) could work well.

Will definitely take a closer look. Thanks!

(Robin) #7

I thought they said it would be In London this year!

(Bob M) #8

When I went in 2017, I went only to the “science day” on Sunday at the time. It was great, and I learned a lot. For instance, Amber O’Hearn gave a presentation where I learned there were people who ate no plants. “Ah, what?”, I said to myself. I then rethought my “I have to eat greens and vegetables at every meal!” mantra, which lead to further improvements in my digestive system.

I also remember Dave Feldman’s and Ivor Cummins’s presentations being mind-blowing, though all the presenters were great.

I met a few people, and I remember there being a crapload of bacon.

I thought it was definitely a better idea to stay longer than I had time to do that year, as there was a lot going on that I missed. And it would be fun to meet more low carb folks in person, as we’re few and far between.

After that, we were going to family retreats that unfortunately were scheduled at the same weekend as the Keto Fests. Then covid hit.

This year, we’re getting a puppy, and I’ll have to see how that affects us all. I assume by the time Keto Fest occurs, the family can spare me for a day, but we’ll see. And I don’t have good idea yet as to what the family is doing (when – or will – we go on vacation?).

(Joey) #9

:wink: Er, New and Improved London?

(Bob M) #10

Ha! I get it!

(For those who don’t, Keto Fest is held in New London, Connecticut. Which looks nothing like “old” London, England, though it has its own character.)

(Robin) #11

Honestly! I thought they really meant regular London! Lol!

(Joey) #12

Two Londons sharply separated by a common language.

(Bacon is better) #13

Will New London do? :grin: :grin:

It does have its own River Thames, just so you know.

(Alec) #14

So it’s in a place 20 hours away rather than 24 hours away. That’ll help. :joy:


Originality was not on the table when New England was formed! I never knew how bad it was until I was an adult and realized that almost every town, every county, all copy cats of stuff in the UK. I grew up in Boston but I’m in VA now and it’s just as bad, as I’d assume all the original colonies are.

(Bacon is better) #16

I think you are right. Even Boston, which to us New England Yankees is the centre of the universe, is also the name of a town somewhere in England. And everyone knows about the two Cambridges, of course. The story goes that a Harvard professor travelled to London and wanted to visit an English university, so he goes to Victoria Station and says, “I’d like a train ticket to Cambridge, please—Cambridge, England, that is.”

(Joey) #17

Gee, wasn’t New England a tip-off of sorts? :roll_eyes:

(Bacon is better) #18

In the northern U.S., “Yankee” means a New Englander. In the southern U.S., it means a northerner, and to anyone outside the country, it means someone from the United States. I’m a Connecticut Yankee, but I’ve never been to King Arthur’s court.

There are also the Yankees from New York, but we’re not counting them. Go Sox! :baseball:

(Al Williams) #19

I bought a ticket. Since everything is in one day I wonder if you attend talks if you will miss the cooking demos or other social activities. I assume it occurs simultaneously. Anyone know?


I purchased a ticket to support the 2KetoDudes. I am excited to be present for the science topics.