Ketofest 2022

(Bob M) #21

I wonder if the proof of vaccination is two shots (assuming mRNA) or those plus booster? I got the two shots, was about to get boosted (for my age group), but then got covid. I assume I’m ok.

I might not be able to swing the dinner, although that would be great.

What I think will likely happen is the science stuff will be half a day, while the cooking demos will be half a day. I could be wrong, though.

And I’m not sure showing vaccination will help toward reducing spread of covid. Both my daughter and I were vaccinated and we both got covid. (None of the other members of the family got it, though, even while we were in the house with them.)

And the rapid tests are getting pretty bad at giving positive results (which may be because the viral load is smaller? Not sure). I had symptoms, tested, got negative result. Did not test again, but when I gave blood a few weeks later, I got a “reactive+” , meaning that I just had covid. One of our friends got sick, had multiple negative rapid tests before she got a positive. Just had a family over this weekend, the mom had symptoms, took a test the night before, not positive. Came over to our house the next morning, went home, tested positive. Then the whole family went home and tested positive after most of my family had been with them in enclosed spaces including cars.

PCR would have caught these, but none of us are doing those, since the rapid tests are available.


I think the other issue is that the symptoms are often to be confused with a cold or other similar virus. Also, the exposure cycle is weird. At this point I have twice had sick teenagers and no one else got it. Both times I was in the car with them the day they were diagnosed