Keto women over 50

(Ketopia Court Jester) #563

This. I see this all over the internet. The only thing that really works for everybody is learning to listen to your own body’s signals first and last.

(Cindy) #564

Cathy, as you spend more time on this forum, I think that you’ll see that, for MANY people, it isn’t easy nor does the weight just fall off. It’d be great if it happened that way for everyone, but it doesn’t.

(Janelle) #565

Hearing how easy this all is for some makes steam come out of my ears. Lucky them.

(Eileen) #566

Another way to get more magnesium is with an epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) bath. The bath might help you relax & the magnesium can be absorbed through your skin and help you sleep.
So sorry to hear about your brother. I will pray for to receive comfort and peace through this difficult time. Take Care & God Bless

(Eileen) #567

I get frustrated as well with my slow weight loss…I’ve really hit a hard plateau. During the past week I’ve started 16:8 IF, but I’m still a bit inconsistent. Once I get this down I also hope to try longer fasts on weekends. I’ve had a lot of stress at work recently and things are being to calm down, so I’m hoping this will help.
Good luck to you!

(Janelle) #568

I’m not despairing (anymore), honestly.

I really hate that the solution may be not eating for longer periods of time. Fasting and then not “refeeding” to your normal calorie intake for the day is what seems to work for some women, which just goes back to calorie restriction.

Men seem to fast and then are able to eat 2,500 calories in one break fast meal.

(Cindy) #569

I just think of all the people who come to the forum and then disappear. Sure, some of them might be doing keto on their own, but I bet a larger percentage disappear because they don’t stick to it. So I’m definitely losing more quickly than most of them. :wink:

And then there’s all the people who are gaining weight…I’m losing faster than them, too. :wink:
But for me, even more importantly, is that I do like eating this way. I don’t feel guilty for skipping breakfast or skipping vegetables. I don’t feel guilty for adding mayo or eating bacon or enjoying a fattier steak. So, unlike doing CICO, where I was doing it only to lose weight and try to lose it as quickly as possible because I wasn’t happy with it, I think I can be ok working on it the keto way long-term.

(Cindy) #570

A bit off topic, but since we’re all women over 50 here ;)…does anyone have amazing bra recommendations that don’t cost a fortune?

I finally found a very comfortable bra that was inexpensive, but recently, the band creeps up and moves around so much that it’s annoying. Yesterday, the bra was actually slipping up over my breasts. LOL Try walking around the grocery store with THAT happening! Luckily, I was wearing a jacket.

I guess that means I’ve lost weight in the rib cage area and it’s too big now?

(Sharon S ) #571

I love that…one more hour of eating my fat…I am increasing my IF time this week to 20:4 so that line is very encouraging .

(Anjum) #572

Hi Patricia,
I am 52 and in a couple of weeks will be keto for a year. I have had less than a pound a week loss, steady at about 3 pounds a month. I have fallen off the wagon 2 times and from personal experience I can tell you a carb rich meal - will derail you. Other than that, your body will react to it. In January I ate a small piece of cake made with almond flour and sugar. Within 30 minutes I was in such distress. My stomach was cramping and bloating. It took me more than 24 hours to recover from the effects. I don’t want to feel that awful again. Consuming sugar just one time lights up your cravings for more sugar. The glorious thing about falling off, is that you can get back right on. Good luck.

(Anjum) #573

Hi Cindy,
I buy wacoal bras on Amazon. Wacoal in the store is 50.00 and up - on Amazon they are 40. I became well endowed after my first pregnancy I moved from a B to a D - In the past 11 months my band size has dropped from 44 to 38 but the I am still a D. I prefer a uh secure fit, and wear the uber comfy wacoal sports bra. It has underwire on the outside of the cup, creates a natural shape and definitely no uni boob. Not judging, if uni boob is your thing, I just can’t appreciate it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Liz) #574

Hi - I am new to this forum…I live in Boise, Idaho and have been more or less keto since last June( October to December ) I fell off the keto wagon. I am 55, 5’1" and about 152 pounds. 130 is a good weight for me. I exercise a lot!
I just started IF last week- 16/8. I have had horrible stomach cramps for 2 days. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this with IF. Not sure if I should go back to 3 meals a day…
any thoughts out there?

(Jane) #575

What time of day do you get the stomach cramps? Are you keeping up with your electrolytes?

(Liz) #576

They have been constant since Saturday night. I drink plenty of water and have magnesium and potassium supplements as well as pie th of salt. I haven’t been tracking macros this week so maybe not enough calories? Not sure.

(Jane) #577

A pinch of salt may not be enough.

(Jane) #578

Sorry that you ard having issues and electrolytes may not help as it could be something else.

Hope you figure it out soon.

(Wendy) #579

Seems the site is gone. Kind of ironic. :grin:

(Wendy) #580

I have to say low carb, healthy fat may be just what you need (and are doing). I’ve had some of those same issues (heart palpitations, feeling cold, and have tried to increase my food and probably my carbs, and also my salt intake. I also IF but rarely fast more than 18-20 hours. I don’t refeed but neither do I count calories. I think Amy Berg has some good posts on her page about the whole keto verses low carb. We need to do what works for us. So keep calm and keep on!
Confession time, right now I’m on vacation in the Caribbean and am not keto. But I am below goal and will return to my low carb way of life when I get back.
I’m feeling fine though may be a little more emotional, but it’s okay. Keto is a life style and not a sentence. I probably will pay with sugar withdrawal symptoms but will persevere because the health benefits long term are worth a little suffering.

(Cindy ) #581

Glad you are feeling better… :heart::rainbow:

(Liz) #582

Yes - thanks. Will stop IF for a few days and see if I can get my stomach back on track. If it feels better it may be that IF isn’t for me!