Keto women over 50

(Edith) #523

There was a 2KetoDudes podcast with Megan Ramos (spelling?) where she talked about needing to switch things up so that body doesn’t get complacent. I have started doing that, just this week: sometimes 3 meals/day, sometimes one, sometimes two. Unfortunately, it’s too soon to know how it is working. My 53 year old hormones really love fat and don’t want to let any of it go. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Ann Butler) #524

Very insightful what you wrote there. Guess I need two glasses as well. I’m always good on distance but always wondered why I have problems with reading. My opthamologist had suggested two glasses and I should’ve listened to him. The challenge now is to keep up with two glasses :blush:


Ha. Yeah. At home, I have a spot for the switch. Sometimes I don’t put them in that spot. But my place is pretty small. All you really need is to keep up with one case. You either have your distance stored in it or your close up. And you switch them out as needed.

It’s a little bit of a pain, but I can’t even read the computer with my distance glasses anymore. It’s blurry and I feel the strain. It’s so much better with the close up prescription. Good on your ophthalmologist for suggesting two sets of glasses. You should definitely try it.

(Terry Engelmann) #526

Can a 64 year old woman join?

(Empress of the Unexpected) #527


(Empress of the Unexpected) #528

I’ll be 61 in March, and have been doing keto for ten months.

(Terry Engelmann) #529

Cool. Just getting serious so just wanted to know if anyone my age was doing Keto and how it’s going. I’m basically very interested in avoiding Alzheimer’s

(Empress of the Unexpected) #530

We have many forum members in their 70s. I have a lot of Alzheimer’s in my family, so whenever I am inclined to eat off plan I remind myself of that.

(linda) #531

HI Terry!
Welcome! Same with me (re Alzheimers) My mother had early onset Alzheimers and other premorbid problems probably associated with ECT for depression - Anyway - the anti-inflammatory aspect of this KETO program in conjunction with obvious lifestyle goals (exercise and good sleep hygiene) is the way to go!
I’ve been keto for a year and a half and had innumerable other positive results from the program (mood, energy, sleep improvements etc) I haven’t lost a pound - I’m 62, 5’6" 140 probably because I’m struggling to cut back on all the tempting foods – Don’t get me wrong - I haven’t been hungry in a year and a half!!! Ha - I just need to manage my behaviors better – One person on a thread mentioned a book called Brain Over Binge that I have found interesting. But I digress…
This program is excellent for many aliments :slight_smile:

(Jane) #532

Welcome! I just turned 60 in January so I just joined your “decade”.

(Patricia) #533

Thanks for your reply. I ended up not having a big cheat… just a small one. Although I didn’t feel bad the next day, it has been difficult to rein in my hunger since then. I do wish I could get past this plateau I’ve been at for months and months.

(Jane) #534

I had to begin fasting after 7 months on keto to break my stall. My very first fast was a fat fast where I ate a block of cream cheese every day for 4 days. Then the next week a regular fast for 4 days.

I didn’t have access to a scale so not sure what the loss/refeed was but I netted an 8-lb drop that I never gained back.

After that I have always gained back what I lost during fasts but haven’t done 2 back-to-back weeks like that since then.

I am at my maintenance weight so just trying to maintain. I fast for autophagy first and then to make up for occasional indulgences.

My “apron” of loose skin at the bottom of my tummy is disappearing. I’ve had it for years so I attribute it to the fasting.

(Cindy) #535

Was it the entire 8 oz of cream cheese? I like cream cheese, but not that much. :wink:

(Jane) #536

Yes - over the entire day.

I also did my BPC since mostly fat. But cut it out for the following week and had black coffee (blech)


Man … Janie, you are HARD CORE! :astonished:

(Ning ) #538

Mine too. They don’t wanna go. :expressionless:. Yes, I’m trying that as well-fluctuating one day high, one day low.

(Julie ) #539

Would like some advise. Was sick in November and December with Upper Respiratory stuff. Gained 5 Lbs back. I am almost 54 and still not across the bridge so have to deal with that still. Try and stay about 35-40 net carbs 114g fat and 104g protein. I do walk a good bit like doing half marathons, yoga and free weights . Remember a post about how to slowly get it back down to where I was, but cannot remember what the math was for as fats/proteins.

Thank you, so much

(Terry Engelmann) #540

Thanks Linda. I’m now into the Keto and starting to look at my macros. Today I realized my mood was better, my fog brain is lifting and I realized I am sleeping better than I have in years. Thanks again the welcome!

(Cindy) #541

You don’t have to calculate macros, but you should keep your total carbs to < 20 g/day. 35-40 net carbs is too many for ketosis. Some people do track net carbs, but if you do, you still need to keep them below 20/day.

(Catherine Bythewood) #542

Thank you for the info. So sad to hear about your brother.