Keto test strip question


Hi! I know the urine strips aren’t ideal, but I’m broke til next week, apparently GNC doesn’t carry meters, and I wanted to test my wellness card from my medical. With that being said, is there an ideal time to test? I’d like to know if my efforts have paid off thus far and I ran out of my glucose strips to monitor those levels (Wellness cards don’t cover “medical” stuff)

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

(Isa) #2

You will get better/more “accurate” results if you test in the evening, vs testing in the morning.


Thank you!

(Robert C) #4

I do not think there is an ideal time to test because, what would that mean? If you test in the evening and show ketones but your morning ketone level is zero – that probably isn’t good. I do not think you are not trying to catch yourself at a high level or trying to seek an “accurate” level (which would be your average level of the whole day I guess) but, instead, trying to confirm you are firmly in ketosis. For this, the point would be that whenever you tested (morning, noon, night) you always have some ketones (without the level being too important).