Keto Sweetener other than Swerve (Erythritol-Stevia)


(Richard I Houghton) #1

I was bummed out when Walmart switched from Truvia (Erythritol-Stevia) to the Truvia Baking Blend with Cane Sugar. I started searching and found a source for the keto-friendly Truvia (Erythritol-Stevia). I wanted an alternate to Swerve (Erythritol-oligosaccharides) Oligosaccharides that are used in Swerve are not identified but I think they are mostly Stevia)

Stevia is sold in 12-oz bags for about 7 or about .57 per oz. Truvia from this source is sold as a carton of 6-23.7 oz bags. With freight included, the Truvia costs about .43 per oz. (without freight Truvia is .34 per oz)
Do the math:
12 oz of Swerve: $7.00
12 oz of Truvia: $5.16

Source of Truvia: Item: Truvia 110003443 Bar/Tea 6/24

(Candy Lind) #2

Bookmarking this for later ordering. Thanks!

(Jane Reed) #3

I can still purchase Pyure (horrid name) at Walmart, which is a stevia-erythritol blend.

At Vitacost, I recently purchased 3 pounds of erythritol for just under $12. At $4 per pound, that’s the cheapest I’ve ever seen it.

(Richard I Houghton) #4

That is a real bargain for sure. I have not compared erythritol alone vs erythritol + Stevia. Have you compared them?

Come to think of it, I have pure erythritol and Truvia that I can taste test.

I’m back…I tasted both and found that the erythritol+stevia is way better than erythritol alone. Perhaps one could blend in some Stevia with the Vitacost erythritol bulk?