Keto ruined drinking for me

(Chris Robertson) #1

I used to be a hard drinker. I could easily drink a bottle of rum in an evening and feel just fine the next morning. I wasn’t an alcoholic, I just loved to drink. I compleatly cut out drinking when I started keto about 6 weeks ago. Last night was a hard night at work and I had 1 30ml shot of gin to take the edge off. Today I feel like I have been hit by a bus. My head hurts, my stomach hurts, and my body feels like it weighs 300lbs. I guess I don’t drink anymore. Anybody else find that they can’t handle any alcohol after starting keto?

(Lesley) #2

Yeah definitely. It took a lot less to get way drunker especially for the first 6 months. I gotta say though 14 months in and I think I can drink the same amount I use to drink pre-keto. Although I feel so good now I don’t want to drink as much.

(Bunny) #3

In the anthropology of alcohol and hallucinogenic compounds the ancients had more than one way of absorbing it and that was through rectal/nasal mucosal pathways. Interesting?

WARNING: Don’t try this because it will kill you dead (DOA) if you don’t know what your doing!

Rainbow[4] Vision Quest by Enema Depiction (above): to the left nasal insufflated (and/or bronchial) administration and to the right enema administration device made of pottery (notice gourd with a hole in the top of pottery). The birds depicted represent mastery over spiritual flight[4] (literally consciously seeing through the eyes of flying creatures; astral ascension; Ajna; Omni-scient-potent-present)…


  1. A multidisciplinary approach to ritual enema scenes on ancient Maya pottery: “…Abstract: There are various enema scenes on classic Maya pottery, which undoubtedly represent rituals and may very well indicate that the ancient Maya took intoxicating enemas in a ritual context. This idea is quite contrary to the traditional view that the ancient Maya were a contemplative people, who did not indulge in ritual ecstasy. The occasional display of vomiting actors would seem to provide a plausible reason why the Maya opted for rectal application. Some scenes present a fair amount of evidence that an alcoholic beverage may have been taken rectally. Anecdotal experimental evidence suggests that an alcoholic liquid may certainly induce or intensify a state of inebriation, when it is administered via the rectal route. …”
  1. Ancient Mayan Ritual Alcohol Enemas: “…Like many ancient cultures, the civilizations of Mesoamerica had a vast and rich history of unique cultural practices, spiritual beliefs and ceremonies, some of which may seem bizarre to people in the modern day. In this episode, Ben and Noel examine a common practice from ancient Mayan culture: the ritual alcohol enema. …”
  1. Notes on the Mayan Vision Quest by Enema (The Rainbow Enema)
  1. Rainbow Shaman Cosmogony (petroglyphs below; some of many world-wide): etheric or spiritual spatial plasma enveloping the neural-cortical layers of the brain; arc-ark-spark articulated between flesh and spirit covenant/convening/conduit between God & man… imageimageimageimage


  1. Brain changes during a shamanic trance: Altered modes of consciousness, hemispheric laterality, and systemic psychobiology:

  1. Malt Tea, Sweet Wort and Furmenty

Malt Tea, Sweet Wort and Furmenty
(TJ Borden) #4

What do you actually weigh? I can tell if your comment above is good or bad? :thinking:

(Pete A) #5

@corduroyew after 10 months I may as well call myself a non-drinker. No interest, and not a bad problem to have! :grinning: I tried haha