Keto “ratio” yogurt


The cuisine of nearly every European country east of Germany makes me think of sour cream. While I live in Canada and my grandmother is scared of fat, I imagine someone over there bringing low-fat sour cream to their grandmother’s house and her saying something like “Why did you buy this? This isn’t for eating, no good!” :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Here in Canada we call 3.25% milk “homo milk”, and yes, you can buy it in bags. :wink: I finally got my dad to stop buying 2% (the norm here), and he finds a significant difference between 2% and 3.25%. He chugs it right out of the bag now :stuck_out_tongue:

…It’s literally gray? :nauseated_face:
I wonder what happens during the processing to make it turn gray. Even the 0% rubbish I used to drink here was white, though very watery.

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Yes, to my eyes, it looks like a very pale grey, especially when poured on cereal (which I no longer eat, of course, but still). I loathe skim milk almost as much as I loathe beets and okra. :face_vomiting:

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Here too @PaulL
It’s like cloudy water… work use it, UHT version. Vile. Even if I used milk I wouldn’t use that. Take my own heavy cream in.


On my grandparents farm, when they separated the milk, they kept the beautiful ivory cream and gave the skimmed milk to the pigs to fatten (because of the sugar) for market. Apparently the pigs would fight for it.
I’ve always considered skimmed milk and fat free as “pig food”. Not fit for human consumption.

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Love it! :grin::bacon:

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Depending on brand of whipping cream, total carbs may be a little more, but still less than 4/100grams.

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Yes, skim milk is gray and tastes horrible. As children, we were forced to have skim milk because skim milk powder was cheap. Our father was very strict and we had to eat everything we were given. But we “spilled” our skim milk so often that they got tired of beating us up for it, and stopped serving it.

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Speaking of labels fooling… I was showed this bread on MFP other day, and looked at the label and don’t see how bread with ingredients of wheat and soy is low carb. Company is in Arizona called chompies.

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But it’s only 5 g per slice! How could that not be keto? (Never mind the fact that two sandwiches would be your carb allowance for the day, if you follow Dr. Westman and count total carbs.)

Notice that the fibre is modified wheat starch (i.e., regular starch processed into resistant starch as a fibre substitute), and the other ingredients are soy flour, gluten, wheat flour, soybean oil, and cultured wheat. This is bread? I notice that the nutrition label shows that each slice contains 0.99999999999 g of sugar, as well.

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Hey Boston too it tastes great