Keto Rash Scalp


I first started keto in January of this year. After a couple weeks on It, I started to get very itchy everywhere, and would create bright red bumpy rashes everywhere (arm, legs, stomach, scalp). Went to the doctor about it 3 times and got different medications as they couldn’t figure out what was causing it. I had mentioned keto rash, and she just shrugged that off. I ended up stopping keto for about a month or So, and my rashes went away and I wasn’t itchy. On the back of my scalp, the bumps were still there but they went down and weren’t as itchy. I have started keto again about 2 or 3 weeks ago. Yesterday my whole body was itchy again and started to get rashes again. However by body is less itchy today. My scalp is 10 times worse than it was before. I have a the same bumps along the back of my hairline, and also have a rash above my ear in my hairline. Behind my ear is another rash that is very rough and scaly. It has little yellow bumps on It, that I can’t help but pick them off because it feels like they are sticking out. It also feels somewhat wet on that rash, as if there was pus or something on it. Any insight would help. It seems like I have tried everything. 4 different medications from the doctor. I’m worried the only thing I can do is to stop doing keto and go back to eating carbs. Thanks!


What region do you live in @Stillframe? Tea Tree oil has great healing properties and some other people have seen real benefits in using it. Check out this post on Keto Rash.


Canada. Thanks! I will give that a read.


Maybe this information on diet doctor website will help?


Hello Stillframe,

Thanks for your posting. I started keto diet on 11/30/2017 and towrads the end of December started to have ‘rash’ that you are describing. More like bumps and not the flat rash pictured on other keto rash thread…I have these bumps behind the neck area up to base of scale and temporal areas. They are very itchy and can get inflammed off and on. Went to see my doc and said that it is likely foliculitis so they started me on topical antibiotics. Last night, i detected some mild tenderness behind my left ear–doesn’t feel like a ear infection, but I’m scheduled to see my doctor tomorrow. I have a feeling they’ll start me on oral antibiotics.
I’ll try the trader joes Tee tree oil shampoo.

So, how did you manage your ‘rash/bumps’? Did you go off keto completely? I feel so good on ketogenic diet and would be sad to go off of it due to this skin condition… :frowning:


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Minute 23:30 has the apple cider vinegar and berries protocol.


Does anyone know if apple cider vinegar in the tablet/capsule form will do the same thing? I’m really struggling to drink it - even diluted quite heavily (currently have 2TB diluted in about 18oz and it’s still really too strong for me. :frowning_face: )