Keto presents

(AnnaLeeThal) #1

I got all this great Keto stuff for Christmas! I must have been a very good girl this year.

(Meeping up the Science!) #2

@AnnaLeeMI milk frothers are addictive when combined with butter and/or HWC. You’ve been warned!

(AnnaLeeThal) #3

I have been using my immersion blender for Keto coffee, so I wanted to get something a little less cumbersome. Froth all the things!

(Tom Seest) #4

I’m on the naughty list. I got nothing.

That all looks good to me.


I have an Aeropress. It has replaced my electric coffee maker. :slight_smile:

(Meeping up the Science!) #6

Soooo, just remember to use a tall enough cup, especially if you’re mixing your breakfast coffee with kerrygold butter in your car after getting it at Starbucks.

I mean, I heard from a friend that got buttery coffee all over her seat that it might work poorly. Yeah, a friend…

(AnnaLeeThal) #7

I am the only coffee drinking in the house, so I got rid of the electric coffee pot long ago. Well, I take that back, I am the only adult coffee drinker! My daughter works on stealing my coffee all the time! I keep collecting manual coffee makers at the rate of about one a year. I started with a French press, and then got a Chemex.

(AnnaLeeThal) #8


That reminds me of the when I had a mishap with my immersion blender. I had prepared individual mini pucks of coconut oil and butter that I kept in the freezer. I tossed one of each in the blender cup, poured my coffee in, and being in a hurry I put the blender in and turned it on without waiting for the oils to melt. Immediately sprayed myself and the entire kitchen, and anything within a 6 foot radius with hot coffee and oil. Apparently solid things act as a propellant of liquids when you try to blend them :rofl::dizzy_face::scream:. I was not amused.

(Jan) #9

What a great idea! The mini-pucks, not the geyser… ima gonna steal…

(AnnaLeeThal) #10

It’s quick and easy, just give them a sec to thaw in the coffee! I used a silicone mini muffin pan to make them

(Guardian of the bacon) #11

One gift session down, one to go. Got my Instant Pot, Some keto snacks (macadamias, jerky, pistachios, Bowel clearing SF candy) and some clothes that may actually fit better. I’ve lost 90 lbs and still wearing the same clothes all along.

Still holding out hope for a sous vide.

(AnnaLeeThal) #12

That’s great! Instant Pot is such a great Keto tool. I made hard boiled eggs in it the other day. They peel so easily.

Wearing well fitting clothes will be very nice I’m sure!

(TrishR) #13

Awesome gifts! You were a very good girl. :clap:

(G. Andrew Duthie) #14

Yup. Unless I’m adding an egg, the frother does a great job. With egg, I still use the immersion blender.

(G. Andrew Duthie) #15

Got one for my wife this year for Xmas. Should save hours in making bone broth alone.

(AnnaLeeThal) #16

It is the ultimate for making bone broth. Even if it did no other thing it would be worth having it.

(george.dowker) #17

I used a Chemex for years and loved it. Still bring it out now and the. Now I make “cold brew” coffee. Lots less acid, great for hot or cold and so easy.

(thefeatherdustersllc) #18

I love my Aeropress

(AnnaLeeThal) #19

I usually only make cold brew in the summer. It’s not a bad idea to keep some in the fridge though. It’s the only kind of coffee I like to drink black.

(Guardian of the bacon) #20

PS…shhh I think the shirts may still be too large, but bound to be less baggy than what I have.
I’m not very style conscience and I don’t really care about clothes all that much. They were mail order and returning would be more hassle than it’s worth.