Keto Post Baby


(Sara) #1

My baby is 14 months old. I lost all my baby weight in a matter of days but my belly has reappeared over the last year. I’m eating the same keto I have been since summer of 2017 and in about 8 months I did finally lose most of the belly. I’m thinking that it’s probably due to hormones as I’m still nursing. Anyone else have any ideas about this? I’m not that upset about it, just a little worried as I hear that the belly fat can be the most dangerous as far as health implications.

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #2

My understanding is that we don’t have any control over what exact fat gets metabolized. I suspect it depends on how difficult it is to extract fat from specific adipose cells. This in turn varies not only between individuals but also men and women. If you stick with eating keto you will lose whatever ‘excess’ fat you have wherever it is. This may or may not correspond to your expectations.

(Edith) #3

This is only a guess: Your body has changed much after having a baby and nursing. The exact same keto may not work for you any more. Maybe you need more protein and less fat? You should probably try and tweak things.

I’m well past having any more children, my youngest baby is 16, but I found after a year or so on keto, I had to lower my fat and up my protein, because I was regaining some of the weight I lost.

(Sara) #4

Thanks! I know that area is where my body has always accumulated fat, I was just pretty excited prior to getting pregnant (and right after birth) to actually see it go away! I will just keto on and maybe when he stops nursing I will see more changes. :slight_smile:

(Sara) #5

You’re right, I should probably try to change things up!