Keto pets ~ anyone have one?

(Michelle) #182

Just got this from Keto Pet Sanctuary (via email). Pretty cool!!

Hi Michelle,

We wanted to share with you a few exciting changes that we’ve been working on at KetoPet!

You asked for a simpler eBook, and we listened! The old version was about 35 pages long, and we’ve condensed it into only 9 pages for easy reading. Click HERE for direct access to the new and improved version. We hope you find it even more useful than the last!

You’ll also notice that we’ve updated our website to include a more robust collection of resources that will help you as you continue your ketogenic journey with your best friend.
Visit our FAQ page for answers to detailed ketogenic questions.
Visit the Scientific Journal Articles section to find the science that’s served as the inspiration behind our metabolic therapy protocol.
Click on the Resources section to access books, podcasts, and websites about the ketogenic diet. You’ll be a keto expert before you know it!
Probably one of the most valuable changes we’ve recently made — it’s now much easier to request our help in creating an individualized plan for your dog. Simply download the questionnaire PDF that’s accessible on the Contact Us section of our website, and email return it along with photos to We will then formulate a meal plan for your dog and return it to you in the same week. It’s that simple!

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback, and we are here if and when you need us. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Yours in good health,

Team KetoPet

(Cathy) #183

They are doing really important work. I am also on their mailing list and get updates periodically.

(patkjohnson) #184

I do…I do!! My Brussels are feed a Commercial Raw Food, I don’t feel comfortable doing it myself, YET! I’m a Mobile Groomer and see Daily what happens to Pets eating inappropriate foods…it’s HORRIBLE! Diabetes, Kidney Disease, Skin and Ear Inflammation, Gas & Bloating, Thyroid Disease, Rotting Teeth, Blindness, etc. People don’t think about what they’re doing to these poor animals that can’t talk and tell you how bad they’re feeling everytime they eat this JUNK passed off as Nutritious Food with “While Healthy Grains “ or worst…”Grain Free” full of other cheap filler Carbohydrates!!

(Cathy) #185

All of that and yet, I get blow back from my vet. I find that vets in general are so afraid of raw because of some perceived dangers of salmonella or not ‘formulated by nutritionists’ or whatever. And yet all these other terrible things are happening due to kibble and grains etc… They come across as really dumb to me. The arguments are always tossed off to I should read such and such and when I do it is another vet stuck in the old paradigm. Sheesh.

My last dog was switched to raw when she was about 8. At that point she had been fed home made cooked for a couple of years and kibble before that and still suffered from a bunch of stuff including rotting teeth, chronic ear infections, anal gland infections, skin infections, diarrhea, and ALL of these things (except the teeth) disappeared after being switched to raw.

It wasn’t overnight for some but over time and her teeth didn’t get worse but stayed about the same. She unfortunately died very suddenly and unexpectedly probably from lepto. Had that not happened, I think she would have lived a pretty long life.

My puppy came to me on a kibble diet at 11 wks… I switched her immediately to raw and she is doing really well. She is a small breed and I have been told that they all get oral disease. I am hoping to prove them wrong!

(OM) #186

This is Chewie

He is a 5.5 year old yorkie, super stubborn and picky. He was always grain free fed, now he eats nature’s variety instinct, with some stella and chewy sprinkled on top. This used to be enough until we switched to keto a few months back and now he doesn’t eat his kibble unless I add some cheese on top and even then sometimes he only eats the cheese. He is generally healthy, he could use to lose a lb or so, but his main problem is that if he doesn’t eat every 12 hours he throws up or gets hypoglycemic. Until he was 4 years old his teeth were perfect, he chewed on his bully sticks all the time and then he stopped and we had 2 cleanings since then and he lost 3 teeth. I try to brush his teeth every night (using toothpaste on a gauze) but he hates it.
He loves raw meat, he always begs for some when I prepare our food, and from time to time I give him some ground beef as a meal. I tried mypetcarnivore a while back, but he wouldn’t touch it, I suspect because of the added organ meat. I tried giving him raw liver, nope, he wouldn’t have it, although if I fry it a bit it’s the best thing in the world.
So I have a super picky dog that I suspect would love to go raw, but how do I add the necessary 10% organ meat and bone to the raw meat? And what kind of bones I can feed this tiny dog?

(Cathy) #187

Super cute!!!

I am no expert but I would suggest that you find a f.b. group (I am on Raw Feeders “Kicked Out” Club) and ask your questions. Lots of very expert and experienced people there who can really help.

Personally I would feed a commercially prepared raw and add things he likes like maybe raw egg yolk, green tripe (dogs love it), and those things you know he loves. Mix it in over time and before long he will love it.

(patkjohnson) #188

Not sure if photo will be posted but I wanted to share a pic of my lil 4 yr old Brussels Griffon who is Raw Fed and in excellent health with beautiful teeth.

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That face! :heart::heart:

(Jeremy Storie) #191

He looks angry :joy:

(patkjohnson) #192

Yeah…the Breed has that grumpy old man look…I love it! He is rather pouty​:angry:…but actually a very sweet gentle lil guy.:paw_prints:

(patkjohnson) #193

Yeah…only a mother could love​:two_hearts: I love Brussels Griffon, they come in Rough Coat or Smooth Coat. Movie As Good As It Gets w/Jack Nicholson featured this Breed of Dog. But the focus is his Kissable Sweet Mouth w/those clean Teeth from his Raw Food Diet all his life​:two_hearts::paw_prints:

(Jenn Monaghan) #194

All my cat wants is Meow Mix. :frowning:


Have you tried any raw chicken just as a taste?

(Jenn Monaghan) #196

I haven’t tried anything raw yet. But I have got him to eat some of the fat off chicken thighs…he didn’t like the cooked meat tho.

(Brian Chandler) #197

Glad you mentioned this. One of my cats goes nuts over the stuff I’ve been eating, but mainly some of the meats (he doesn’t like roast beef, but loves the fish.) He’ll also clean the plate of the left-over oils/salt. So basically, he’s eating mainly protein with some oils and salts. We do feed him high quality, protein based, cat food, but seeing how much he’s taken to my meals, I’ve been seriously thinking about how I can make a meal for him when I make a meal for myself. He’s got a real sensitive stomach too which has settled down since he’s been eating my leftovers more. If you have a good link for what ratios cats do best with then please post. Regards.

(Lauren) #198

I know it’s a really old thread, but I have a new keto pet to show off. A friend got him and her husband flipped, so he stays with me, and she buys his food. He doesn’t have a name yet. We are back and forth between Fergus, Boo, and Hamish.

And my Zombie is definitely growing well as a keto pet.

(Hyperbole- best thing in the universe!) #199

They’re beautiful! FBH’s markings are stunning, and that’s a snazzy leash Zombie has, there.



So I got this Labrador puppy at 7 weeks old. She is now 12 weeks old and had her second vaccination today.

I got her to experiment on her.

Today the vet checked her over and said she was very healthy. She is energetic, growing well, in good body condition (not rolly-polly), learning her training skills well, well socialised with dogs and people, a sound sleeper, walked twice a day.

This animal experimentation takes a lot of work.

The vet asked about her diet. I was happy the vet asked the question that a lot of human doctors miss. I said that I feed her a brand name puppy kibble that the breeder recommended and had weaned the litter on to it. And she eats some other things. But the vet was satisfied that she (the pup not the vet that I know of) was eating a processed puppy kibble.

Now, I didn’t say she was eating the puppy kibble. I said I fed it to her. She is mainly on a whole foods diet that is low carb. She is 2MAD. Tonight she had fatty beef mince in a beef bone broth base with some added mineral salt, 2 tablespoons of full-fat Greek style yoghurt, 3 raw free range chicken necks. On top of that I put 2 hand fulls of the puppy kibble.

The photo (above) is what she leaves. What she doesn’t eat. This is the food she was weaned on to. This pretty much happens every meal. I throw out the processed, grain based, industrial seed oil fortified, well known brand puppy kibble. She eats all around the dog biscuits. The food she was weaned on to. This has been happening for 5 weeks. I have almost thrown out the complimentary bag of kibble given to me with the pup.

So she has pretty much been on a low carb whole foods raw meat based diet.

I am in-contact with owners of her litter mates. They are soaking the kibble in warm water to make it porridgy and just feed that three times per day.

I train my pup with treats. They are dried beef or lamb liver cubes, or diced rotisserie chicken (I feed the white meat to my wife). I tell my friends with the other pups that my pup started chewing on pigs’ ear cartilage at 8 weeks old (as part of her sleep training, chewing is calming). Their pups eat dog biscuit porridge.

We compared how things are going. The other two pups I know of both had dry coats and were a bit itchy. Their vets wormed them as they suspected tapeworms and or fleas. They weighed in at 1kg less than my pup but have large round “rolly-polly” allegedly cute puppy tummies. She was a middle size birth weight. She doesn’t have a round belly, she is cut more like an adult dog with a trim trunk. She has good muscles development. Their puppies sleep a lot and haven’t learnt many commands as yet. “Labradors are dumb,” they say. It said in a 1963 retriever training book that black Labradors were the slowest to learn out of the retriever and gun dog breeds. My pup is inquisitive, ready for walks and eager for training. This week she had her first swimming lesson in a winter ocean (it was a sunny day). A wave lifted her up and she cruised along like a shark. I may be biased.

So this is my planned 15 year experiment. I want to see what happens to a Labrador on a non-commercial diet that is close to a human low carb ketogenic diet. I realise I am as bad as a vegan enforcing veganism on their pets. Oh. I have a veterinary degree and am a registered veterinarian. I didn’t tell the young vet we visited that, as I wanted to see what she would say and do. She did an excellent complete physical examination and had good advice about parasite control and puppy training. Importantly she stuck a needle in my pup and the pup did not even notice.


(Cathy) #201

She is a beauty!! Glad to hear that she is self choosing her diet. I never thought to try that with my dog.

My dog is now 3 years old and is doing very well … she has very clean/white teeth and is energetic/athletic, and smart as they come. She knows lots of commands and it has been super easy to train her. She is a delight!