Keto on a long flight


(George) #1

So I have a few long flights in September, and just in case I don’t feel like fasting, and the in-flight food is super carby, I’m wondering what are some good foods I can bring with me on the flight that don’t require refrigeration and won’t cause any grief going through TSA?


Hard boiled eggs.

I live in S.America and it’s a 36 hour travel day to my typical N.America destination. Hard boiled eggs wrapped in a cloth in a bag work really well. TSA doesn’t care at all. And bonus - not really smelly when you go to eat them either.

(George) #3

I thought hardboiled eggs need to be refrigerated if you’re not going to consume them within a few hours (per Google)

Sorry I should have included more a timeline. From the time I leave my house for the airport to when I’ll probably want to eat again, it’ll be a good 16 hours or so minimum, which will be a little more than the halfway point of my flight-time

(Jacqueline Porter) #4

I recently had a long haul flight to Australia. I went with 2 friends who are also keto. They decided to eat what was available as it was so long and part of the holiday.
I didnt want to do that because I had worked hard to lose the weight, and didn’t want to feel unwell.
I took bags of macadamia nuts, pepperoni sausages (the hot ones) and babybel cheeses. I ate what I could from the in-flight meals , ie the meats, veg, butter, (wine!) etc and left the carbs.
Funnily enough my friends ate everything and were starving! I was very comfortable!
Enjoy your holiday :blush:


Never had a problem.

It’s 4 hours from my house to the airport, then another 4 usually until the flight board. I typically replace whatever they are serving for dinner on the overnight flight with eggs and then have the rest of the eggs 8 hours later just before landing. I’ve been doing this for years. Never had a problem, never gotten sick.

I’m new to keto but I come to keto woe from 20 plus years of extreme food intolerances and airlines haven’t served food I can eat at any point in that time. So I found other options.

Now, the one caveat is I am a farmer and raise my own hens and collect my own eggs. So freshness might be a factor here.

If you are worried about refrigeration there’s always the option of using one of these: cold pouch


Jacqueline has the right idea, nuts, stable type sausages and prewrapped cheese do not bother TSA at all. You could also carry a bag of pork rinds or cheese crisps as well. And eat anything you feel like that fits your WOE from the plane food. I do like to fast if at all possible, since it is a long flight you probably will get so bored you want to do something and eating is an option when everyone around you is doing it. I’d take a lot of my own entertainment, preloaded podcasts on my phone or even movie on my tablet.

Hope you enjoy your travels.

(George) #7

Ah, pepperoni, good idea! I’ll add that to my shopping list for the morning I leave.

I’m sure I’ll be able to pick some food off of the inflight meal, but since it’s southern china airlines, I’m expecting a good amount of sugary items, rice, etc. I’ll have to work around.

Thank you!

(George) #8

That’s exactly why I’m even entertaining the thought of not fasting. I do OMAD, so daily 24 hour fasts are easy for me, but when I’m just sitting there for 18+ hours on a plane with absolutely nothing to do except watch movies, I’m going to want to eat something lol

Thank you for the input!!

(Scott) #9

I vote for Macadamia nuts. They are also handy when staying with guests that don’t have a lot of low carb options like when they serve cereal and fruit for breakfast. I just disappear in my room for a moment and get a handful of nuts. Problem solved.

(George) #10

I always have the hardest time finding those at my local store. lol

(Carl Keller) #11

Many airlines cater to specific dietary needs. Unfortunately, low carb isn’t an option in any (that I know of). I would consider fasting and taking along some type of nut or low carb jerky as a backup.

(George) #12

Yeah I looked into this airlines’ options, and while they do have a diabetic option that claims to have no sugar, I still wouldn’t really trust it.

(Raj Seth) #13

Diabetic means “conventional “ diabetic - low fat, complex carbs and tasteless

(Shromona Das) #14

I don’t carry nuts because I’m addicted to them. I end up eating too much. Do carry cheese (brie, cheddar, Gouda) if you’re ok with lactose. I also carry a piece of low carb brownie just to combat that flight food tray hypnosis. Pepperoni, sausages and even roasted chicken breasts are good options. I also carry tiny packs of butter. That being said, you’ll always find some fat and meat in the meal. I take a bite or two. Else just have tea and coffee without milk. And if you’re in the mood, have some spirits (not wine).

(George) #15

That’s what I figured lol

(Natasha) #16

Pistachio nuts in their shells, so good because they take soooo long to eat!
Cheese strings
Pork rinds
Mini cucumbers
Mini tomatoes

I think you’ll only have a problem bringing food items through customs at your arrival destination, so just make sure you either eat it or trash it!

(George) #17

Damn, I forgot all about customs. I was hoping to have something left over for my 23 hour layover too LOL

(Jacqueline Porter) #18

:face_with_raised_eyebrow:surely there will be an opportunity to restock!

(Eric - I am a onelander!) #19

A lot of good ideas already. has some zero or very low carb jerky. A bit pricey but very high quality.

(KCKO, KCFO) #20

Good point. Take only enough to get you there.

Edited, this article is a broad over view, I don’t usually reference USA Today but this is short and good advice.

Bacially if you take prepackaged, not fresh foods, you will probably be ok. Avoid taking your own liquids of course.