Keto + OMAD training?

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I’ve been doing the Keto + OMAD diet for now 2 weeks, and i feel really great, so i’m going for another week.
Before starting the diet, i used to Jump rope for 30 minutes and then Push ups and that kind of exercises, but dropped it like 2 months ago.

Now that i’m on the new diet, i feel more energetic and i wanned to try that kind of HIIT again, but u couldn’t. After 10 minutes, i felt really weak, dizzy, like i had a blood sugar drop.

So i was thinking, maybe jumping rope is too much now with the diet? Should i start with light cardio like walking? I tried the next day and i was taking more breaks between exercises, and that was ok, but i dont have that much time to exercise.

What do you think i should do? Start walking and, little by little, go more intense in my training or what?



It can take a while for you to adapt & in the beginning your training will suffer a bit but with proper electrolyte/hydration management & a bit of patience you’ll get there. Just do what makes you most comfortable & give your body a chance to adapt to it’s new fuel source. You also haven’t worked out for a couple of months so that will impact your performance as well.

I do OMAD several days a week & manage to lift weights & do a bit of HIIT training just fine but I’ve been keto for a number of years. If I’m doing heavier cardio - usually weekends - then I bump it up to two meals.

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You’re in the early adaptation stages. Whatever you do, make it gentle then once you are adapted start building up.

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And that famous 4 letter word😳
make sure you are taking enough

Good Luck

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Thank you all! Today i’ll walk and see what happens. I’ll go easy on this

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Mate, With OMAD I’m finding incorporating anything more than low-moderate intensity has a real negative hit on how I feel later in the day, might just be that my calories are too low, not sure, but if I was you, I wouldn’t overdo it too much. I did two HIIT kettlebell sessions this week, it almost broke me! First was 15 minutes, then the second session was 30, I nearly puked for the 30 minute one!

Take it easy and listen to your body.

I’ve just done a 36 hour fast, and managed 30 minute walk today, only burned 200 calories, but that felt good!

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Personally, I can’t do OMAD if I’m exercising in the morning and eating at night. I have to do two meals, one a few hours after my morning workout. I now don’t workout at all if I’m doing a longer-term, multiple day fast.

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Several recent studies have shown that we are healthiest at 5 g sodium per day. Five grams of sodium works out to 12.5 g of NaCl, or 2-1/2 American teaspoons a day (I believe the British teaspon is a bit larger than the 5 g American one).

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Yeah, i felt like i was gonna faint the firs HIIT session.

Walking feels nice, 'cause my body is telling me to move, but its really boring. Maybe i’ll try to do more push ups, abs and that kind of things more than cardio. I wanna burn fat, but i don’t think i’m able to do cardio right now.

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Walking is highly underrated as cardio… I used to pay for a personal trainer a few years ago, he caught me one time running on a treadmill and stopped me and made me walk instead on an incline, he said the benefits were very similar, and the long term damage to the knees made it preferable ( I am really tall )

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I stopped running on the treadmill (except for incline HIIT runs), for the same reason. I’m not really tall, but I found I got just as good of a workout, if not better, by bumping up the incline and walking. I was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease, and at first I had to rehab myself and I sure af wasn’t going to run right out the gate, so I did walking inclines. Changed my view on having to always run.

Great point.


Hi and welcome,

These are early days. We need to stay in ketosis for a few weeks to become “keto-adapted” that’s when your muscles burn fat for fuel more efficiently. Dr Volek says it takes months if not years for athletes for fully adapt.

Meantime just stay below 20g carbs, get plenty of water. And as others have already said SALT, every day.

To fully try keto you need to give it many weeks, 1 or 2 are not nearly enough.

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Thanks bud