Keto - no weight loss - losing fat, gaining lean muscle

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Hi there,

I’m On Keto for 2 months. For about 3 month with strength training / weightlifting. Training 3 times per week for about 1:30 hour each time. Intensity - high. Under 26 carbs per day. About 2100 cal total. Fasting 16:8 (skipping breakfast).

Universal Amino 2700 - 3 pills at lunch time and 3 in the evening
Fish oil - 1 pill at lunch and 1 in the evening
SARM MK 677 - Mon-Fri 1 pill at lunch time
Daily vitamins and minerals - 1 pill daily at lunch time
Calorie Bomb protein shake - in the evening 1 scoop of protein shake, avocado, 2 tablespoons of wallnut oil, 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, spinach 70 g, 2 tablespoon peanut butter.
BCAA - after training.

I’m not losing weigth at all. But my body composition has changed a lot. I see significant decrease in body fat and increase in lean muscle gain. Vascularity increased too. Didn’t get my accurate measurements on muscle, body fat, water, bone density. But its very noticeable. So its ok to not lose weight on keto with these results?

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Are you overweight? If not why would you want to lose? If you are, how much? Maybe the composition changes you’ve already noticed will suffice to get you into shape. Keto is primarily a health program with one of the side benefits being weight normalization over time. If you are not seriously overweight for your height and build, that may be all you need. There are many on this forum who can advise you regarding your training, etc. but you’ll need to provide more details about yourself.

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Sure. I’m almost 29 old. Body fat was 20,4 % almost two months ago (the last time I measured). 182 cm and 87-90 kg (everyday varies). So I’m slightly overweight. Maybe because of good amount of protein and grow hormone MK 677 i’m losing fat and gaining muscle. I know its debatable but I know what I see in a mirror. Soon I will get my accurate measurements on body composition.

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It’s pretty tough to add significant muscle while running a caloric deficit. However, if you have some degree of hyperinsulinemia it is possible, but that initially happens with those with significant degrees of derangement. Being two months in and around 20% bodyfat you probably don’t fall into that category. If new to training, your muscles will firm and tone up, making existing muscle fibers stronger and larger, but with a caloric deficit you won’t experience significant Recruitment of new muscle fibers.

The original Keto concept was developed around 20 years ago specifically for Bodybuilders and people who train, with the intent on preserving muscle mass while cutting fat, not adding additional mass, because of the caloric deficit. What happens is the old saying “lose fat, look bigger”. Much of the advice professed by people on this board is not really applicable to people who train heavily, it’s really a different situation. The best place for training and Keto information in that case is over on, a Keto board that’s been around for decades.

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I was 20 body fat two months ago. Now its melting and I can see it. But why then my weigth is still the same while body composition is changed so?

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You probably are losing weight in that you’re losing fat. However, you are gaining weight in the fact that you’re building muscle. Therefore, on the scale you haven’t seen any loss. I seriously wouldn’t care if I weighed 176 pounds if 30 or 40 pounds of that fat were muscle instead. Keep in mind that the scale is not your god. There are lots of body builders who are told by their doctors, based on the typical body mass index guidelines that they are overweight because they weigh 200+ pounds at 6 feet tall, but they are all muscle, so you really can’t use the typical or standard guidelines.


Hi Andzej, Any updates? How has your lifting program worked out?