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Water is very low carb.


This is concerning. 1-2 lbs a week is not much. I am 285 and would expect a 4-6 lbs loss most weeks until my weight drops a bit. I mean most people lose more in the beginning and then it slows down. I mean I would like to lose 20-30 lbs. before it slows down. I have enough of it to lose. :frowning:

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What you want to happen and what actually does happen has exactly zero linkage for basically everyone.

Also, losing a kilo a week is great, as John said. You want to lose it in a steady, sustainable fashion as a result of long-term sustainable lifestyle changes, not in an unsustainable biggest-loser fashion.

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^^ This right here. This is my approach.

I have lost weight before, sometimes fairly rapidly. I went from 285 to 245 (40 pounds) in 8 weeks once. I did it by significant calorie reduction and significant increase in exercise. However, I got complacent with my success and took my foot off the gas, so to speak, thinking I had it beat. That was 9 years ago. I slowly gained it all back and then some.

Note the word slowly. You gained your weight over a long period. It will take a while to lose it. And if you want to KEEP it off, you have to stick to whatever changes you made that helped you lose it. Maintaining weight loss is significantly harder than losing it. Once you get to a goal weight, you have to maintain it for about a year before it tends to become your new set-weight point, which is easier (but not effortless) to maintain.

Think about that for a bit. You run a marathon race and cross the finish line, and then they tell you congrats, but you need to keep running for another year if you want the trophy. That’s the reality.

I mentioned above that a fair part of the success factor, probably the most important aspect of it, is the mental game. I can’t speak for others, only for myself. I decided I was going to re-write my personal rule book. I may adjust the exact foods and nutrient levels as I go along. But I’m going to win this time. Even if I have to keep running after I cross the metaphorical finish line.

Edit: Also - I am not beating up on you @Bwill, just sharing my experiences. I am my own worst enemy when it comes to this stuff. I had to get my mind right first so the body would follow. I have had several wake-up calls before, but always hit the multi-year snooze button.

You may or may not achieve higher rates of weight loss than I have so far. I would be ecstatic for a 2-pound per week average over the long run, because that would mean 104 pounds in a year! Do you know how long it has been since I weighed 216? Probably 20 years. If that is the best I could achieve and couldn’t get below that, but could maintain it, I’d be in heaven. That’s still “overweight” for my height but the words “morbid” and “obese” would not longer apply. So far I’m losing closer to 3 pounds per week on average. That is 150% of the upper end of my goals.

The reason I picked 1-2 pounds per week as a goal is because that is the generally accepted range of sustainable weight loss you can expect to achieve with a combination of diet and exercise. If you try to exceed that too much you can really ratchet down your metabolism, which is counter productive.

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I cannot tell you how happy I would be for a 2lb per week loss. I’m averaging 1 per week (I have 70 more to lose). People tell me anything more than 1lb is considered good. It’s frustrating to hear but true.


Maybe I am not being very clear. I get it-It is a lifestyle change not a diet. It is a marathon not a sprint. Losing weight gradually is best on many levels. I get it. Still typically people with more weight to lose.

So while I fully understand that this for the long haul, I am praying and expecting to lose 4-6lbs on average for the first month or so. After that it is slow and steady wins the race.

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Maybe you’ll achieve that loss - that would be between 17 and 26 pounds in one month, assuming you are talking about average weekly losses. Certainly not unheard of to lose 20 pounds in the first few weeks as you shed your glycogen stores and their accompanying water weight.

Keep us posted.

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Imma just going to say it. I can’t tell if you’re a man or a woman from your profile. Doesn’t matter, but men seem to be better at losing more than a pound a week - but not always.


This is also true. I am a guy so I do intend on using that advantage. :wink:


Bourbon or scotch are zero carb and are way more enjoyable! Been on a bourbon kick lately.

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It’s both, really. Generally speaking, though, this is a HORMONE control diet rather than a CALORIE control diet. (“Diet” being used to mean “the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats” rather than society’s current usage of “short-term fad eating pattern.”) Following it means lifestyle changes as a pretty direct result.

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I tend to describe it as a “way of eating” as diet has dual meanings and can confuse many.

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Spend lots of time reading through this forum. You will learn A LOT!


I was eyeing some whiskey myself. I was happy to see some booze without carbs!! By kick I assume you do this somewhat regularly. Any negative impact on your weight?

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It is, however, a toxin, so your liver will devote itself to getting rid of that as soon as you drink it, meaning it’s not able to be producing ketones while that is happening.


It’s possible it slowed my progress down but I wasn’t aware of it hindering or negatively affecting anything. My initial goal was to lose 30lbs with lazy keto and that took 11 weeks. I drank pretty frequently during that period. If you do experiment be extremely cautious. Honestly I would advise against any booze on keto.


Keto is getting confusing. Lazy Keto, Mark Sisson’s keto…how far down does this rabbit hole go? :thinking:

I have not done an update yet. I am still in the program. I do not track my food daily anymore but plan on doing a weekly “audit” so I know I have not slipped. Still working out every morning but I am lifting too much as usual. I just prefer it to cardio but I need to change that. Still not anywhere 30 hour fast territory but if I am not eating every 2-3 hours I am not shaking. It’s a start.


BWill I should have clarified what lazy keto is in my mind: under 20 net carbs. That’s it. Literally. I didn’t track calories or macro percentages. This may or may not work for you. Getting into ketosis and staying that way is goal number one. Once you’re there, the next step is fat adaptation. During that period is a great period of time to educate yourself on the facets of this diet. Everyone doesn’t respond in the same way so it’s not one size fits all. You’ll pick up a LOT of information along the way and hopefully be able to share your experience.


Thanks for clarifying. Yes I worry about how different people respond to changes in diet. It scares the hell out of me seeing the posts of people who seemingly are doing everything right but still are not losing the weight. Or they hit a stall after some success.