Keto name game just for fun.不

(Amy the Silly Sausage ) #1

I found this on Facebook and simply HAD to share匈 am Rare steak rocket.:rofl::sweat_smile: 20210606_153953


Fat Slayer! WOO! Gonna have to put in a little extra at the gym this morning to live up to my name!

(Amy the Silly Sausage ) #3

@lfod14 :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:. There are some hillarious ones夷magine being Fat Hunter or something. LOL.

(Richard M) #4

Im BACON HUNTER. I love that name. Haha

(Karen) #5

I am a low carb commander :wink:


Im Ketosis Machine.

Maybe not living up to my name so well lately Gotta get back to being Ketosis Machine.


Ketosis Rocket:joy: Im dying! LOL!

Of course, if I go by my screen name匈d be Ketosis Slayer

(Allie) #8

Coffee Rocket, about right for me

(Butter Withaspoon) #9

Why limit yourself to the table, the rules! Whats your REAL name

I could be Butter Basted Beast, or The Fat Controller (actually I think thats from Thomas the Tank Engine)

(Amy the Silly Sausage ) #10

@Hallie You are AWESOME!!! Cos I dont want rules either, I play these name games with my friend @Shinita all the time and we look at the name the rules give us, then if we dont like it, change our names.:slightly_smiling_face: So my real name will be Doom beast, cos it sounds badass. :wink: But nope, Im just a lil keto koala .:koala:. A tired lazy one. Lol.

(Butter Withaspoon) #11

Doom Beast is your inner warrior, waiting to emerge!