Keto lunchbox for kids

(Brandy Fischbach) #1

Hi All,

I have a 14-year-old son who is on keto. It’s sort of modified keto because he doesn’t eat all the fat. Anywho, I am at a loss about what to keep putting in his lunch boxes. We have done nuts, berries, lunch meat, cheese sticks, fat head wrapped hot dogs, tuna cakes, salads. He gets bored of things really quick and half the time ops to not eat lunch. He doesn’t eat breakfast so this poses a big issue for me. I don’t want him to skip 2 meals during the week. I’m open to ideas of what I can put in his lunch box. It has to be good cold since there is no access to a microwave.

Thank you in advance!

(Sophie) #2

I think kids are much more in tune to what their bodies are telling them than us older, metabolically deranged adults. If he skips breakfast and opts not to eat lunch, why push it? He’s just IF-ing naturally and only eating when he’s hungry. And if he’s only eating OMAD at home, in the evenings, at least you know what he is consuming and have some control over what you serve to him. It seems like an ideal situation to me. Teenage boys have hollow legs. He’ll eat when he’s hungry, just make that one meal count.

(Karen) #3

Baked chicken, salami cream cheese wraps, sour cream and rinds, nat. Peanut butter and celery, pickles, cloud bread with pb&mashed blueberries.


(Annalee Haley) #4

My keto kids are 7 and 8. In addition to the ideas above, hubby grills chicken, HB patties, etc at the beginning of the week and they take it cut up for finger food. I send full fat plain Greek yogurt sweetened with monkfruit and topped with berries daily. I also make some of the recipes from M Emmrich’s kids cookbook. I don’t limit their protein at this age. They also enjoy Halo Top in small amounts occasionally. If they want fruit they have real fruit, but no bananas. I also send single serve Wholly Guacamole daily. Oh, the also like cheese crisps for crackers and left over chili in a canteen. They don’t have any health problems and their doc is very happy with their health and nutrition.


My kids aren’t keto but they eat pretty LCHF when I’m feeding them. For lunch, my son’s meals in schools are often LCHF. He likes a variety of lunch meats and salami or pate and cheeses, olives, pickles, hard boiled eggs (and tea eggs), guacamole or hummus, seaweed snacks, and fresh veggies. He also eats nuts and whole milk yogurt at home. I usually add a little fruit to his lunch as well. Though I don’t eat them often myself, I cook with legumes for my family, so he sometimes brings a hot hearty stew with beans or lentils. He’s only 8, so we call the grazing keto-ish meals his “lunchables” and I make a little effort to arrange it with silicone separators. If there is no starch in his meal, I’ll sometimes add some dark chocolate.

My preschooler is fed by his DCP during the work day, but I recently gave her The Obesity Code (in Spanish! Yes!) and The Diabetes Code and she’s absolutely rocking it and reversing her T2D while losing weight. I’ve been able to ask her to offer my son fewer snacks and she dedinitely avoids processed foods with the kids. But it is not LCHF.

Happy to see this thread for more ideas!

(Ken) #6

Roast beef wraps stuffed with cheese. You can buy brisket, then divide it into smaller pieces for roasting. Get an inexpensive meat slicer, such as at Harbor Freight. (It’s a copy of a Krupp design) Slice the meat accross the grain in paper thin slices, then wrap around whatever they like. Slice a week’s worth, divide into daily portions and freeze until needed. Kind’a like a meat tortilla. Easy to eat, it’s still a staple for me as travel food.

Cream cheese and pickles, Port Wine cheese and nuts, Chinese veggies, Mushrooms and Bacon, Taco filling, whatever they like. The stuffing possibilities are endless.

(Dan Dan) #7

Give him some responsibility take him on a shopping trip just for him give him a budget and let him have at it. :wink:

(Jean Taylor) #8

Could do personal pizzas or pizza pockets with the fathead dough too. Also make some sandwich rolls or flatbread out of it. Then change up the filling. Philly steak one day something akin to a gyro the next etc.

Tacos made with cheese shells are literally my 2 year olds favorite food ever, and the shells are so easy to make. Put thin sliced cheese on a sheet of parchment paper and microwave it until the bubbles stop refilling then open it up and using the edged of the paper fold it into a taco shell and hold it 15sec or so while it cools so it keeps it’s shape. Just make sure he knows to put the lettuce on first because they are holey and will be drippy otherwise. If it’s not hard enough nuke the next one a little longer.

(Katie) #9

Avocado. You can even find single serving avocado cups in produce sections.

(Karen) #10

Best description of taco shell of cheese! Thanks! “Holes stop filling” , great description and helps me. Mine didn’t work out I’ll try this.