Keto Krafts/Art - show and chat right here! By JANIE

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Thanks Ellen! My aunt took the top two and I gave the bottom one to the Indian couple at a local store because I went in every morning for two years and loved those two. The husband said he used it to say his morning prayers to Shiva. I thought that was pretty darn cool!

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Made my own coloring page lol

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Well if I’m going to be a thread killer, lol, here’s another

Hand sewing a patchwork throw quilt


The Wife - @DoggieMom asked me to post these for her, since she was having some issues with her computer for some reason. It’s acting up, and probably due to the storms we are having come through. This is a Carousel Afghan, and the Pattern design is by Sue Pinner. This is the second one she’s done. The first one was in White, Black & Grey and she decided to keep it. :slight_smile: … This one was for her Niece’s Wedding gift. So will be giving it to her as soon as she can meet up with her. I was outside working in the yard this weekend, so she brought out her tables and had me help her pin it down after washing it (Known as blocking) and the blocking boards are around 6’ in length in both directions when we put them together, so it’s pretty good size Afghan. In image 2, I was holding the tables up some for a better view, and you can see my head some over the top edge for comparison. …(No, my head is not small!) :crazy_face: … She also made a third one, leaving off the outer larger sections, to keep it small for a kid, & will post that as soon as she finds a pic. It’s done in a solid cream color, and came out quite nice.

(Jane) #330

Made a batch of goat milk soap yesterday. Scent is 50% musk, 25% sandalwood and 25% amber. Will be ready in 6 weeks.