Keto kids

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I realize you’re not there yet, but I’ve told myself keto kids having come “conventional foods” while away from home isn’t going to undo all they’ve been eating at home. Just like some adults will have treats (or cheats) the kids need to be able to have them too. Be it a birthday party, school, road trip, whatever, if you’ve given them the right information, they’ll understand this is a special treat. To enjoy it, not just mindlessly gobble it down and go back to the good eating at home.

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My 15 year old son started keto with me and his mom in June. He is a big kid, 6’2" and weighed 233 at the time. He ate a lot of chips, pizza, soft drinks, etc. As of this week (January 2) he is down 55 pounds to 178. No exercise, just LCHF.

He chose to do this and did it all on his own with impressive discipline. He looks and feels great, and just seems overall happier and more animated now. He used to be a bit sluggish and grumpy. We are so proud of him.

We track his weight every Monday morning and I have been keeping a spreadsheet chart of his progress. He loves checking his weight and seeing me enter the new results every week. :grinning:

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@stacy This is life-changing for him!!!

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Great article about kids and sugar over in Resources/News:

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That is fantastic, Stacy! My 17 year old actually does listen and learn, so if I can get his attention on it, I may be able to persuade him. I’m not sure there’s much hope for the 15 year old, unfortunately.

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Both my husband and I are eating Keto. I won’t cook a seperate meal for my four kids (ages 16 down to 7). We naturally talk a lot about our way of eating so the kids get some good information, but I would say my kids are more low carb eaters, not Keto. They eat school lunch and they usually get to pick breakfast, but dinner is you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit. My two oldest daughters tend to choose better foods at lunch at school, but the two younger just choose whatever sounds good. In my experience my kids do great being lower carb, but not being strict Keto. However, we did have to set a rule recently that they can’t snack on bacon (lots of it) and be eating lots of carbs too. So if they want to enjoy bacon that much, they need to start tracking their carbs better. (This was just mainly a problem with the older kids).

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My wife and I were concerned about his weight gain and eating habits, but we decided to trust him to make the choices he felt he needed. We have home-schooled our kids for many years and this trust has been central to everything we do, and it has not failed us.

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We have one kid age 13 and another age 10. I try to 1) eat keto; 2) clearly, persistently, and consistently explain why I eat keto; and 3) continually forward articles to my kids. My wife and her family (two diabetics) don’t eat keto, so I try to explain why I eat the way I do, explain why I think my in-laws are overweight and diabetic and why I’m not, and give them articles that they can read (1 or 2 a week) to understand why I’m doing what I’m doing.

My 13 year old is trying ketogenic eating on her own. I’m going to consistently and persistently explain to my kids what I’m doing so at the very least they’re informed. I hope, when they get older, they’ll have a good grounding on what will make them fat/diabetic/prone to heart disease/dementia/etc.

I’ve surmised that this is one of the most important struggles and a lifetime struggle. That’s why I try to keep the message low-key and consistent.


How about Vegemite on cheese instead of bread as an alternative?

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Yes! My DH loves this.

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In another topic, a poster said he makes up a bunch of keto pancakes or crepes to keep in the fridge, and his kids eat them for snacks. You could roll up a bit of cheese in them or some leftover meat. For kids only halfway to keto, these could be spread with peanut butter and the tiniest bit of jam.

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My kids (9 and 5) are keto-ish. My husband fully supports my WOE and as the at home parent cooks keto dinners and eats primarily keto himself. As a result our kids do as well. My husband does eat beans and limited potatoes/rice, but that’s about it, he’s already GF due to fibromyalgia.

The kids have fruit, bread, oats, beans, tortillas and pasta, but we don’t buy crackers, cookies, chips, candy, juice or soda. We homeschool, so this is their primary exposure to food. Our oldest, especially, thrives on LCHF. Our youngest is a fruit machine.


I added Italian seasoning and Parmesan to the “90 second bread recipe” and I thought it really covered up the egg taste.

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Just wanted to add to this that I recently discovered Cybele’s Free to Eat pasta. Green lentils, parsnips, and cauliflower are the only ingredients on the box. they taste surprisingly good and could be a good option for kiddos.