Keto Intake Calculator - Navy 2023

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Keto Calculator


Well it’s unreliable, it doesn’t even uses my body fat… And exercise isn’t like eggs where you can just count it. I wrote 3-5 exercise/week but 10 hour hiking is “one”, 10 minutes walk is “one”, which they think it is? I supposed my 50 min walk is a normal one… But I have no idea what my workout is. And I actually do something every day but already this 3-5 added too many extra calories according to my experiences…

So I got an inflated energy need and they still expect me to eat <1600 kcal eventually. It won’t happen. But it’s individual.

The macros are pretty good for someone else, too little protein for me and I don’t care about carbs.

So my biggest problem is that it guesses my energy need while not having enough information, the exercise is totally off as what is ONE exercise…
And of course, it can’t care even about our ideal fat/protein ratio as that is individual too. It’s just some vague thing for people who are lost in the beginning I suppose. Or for the ones who are flexible and normal and for some reason know what is one exercise, I still can’t imagine how much is counts as one…

And 0.5kg per week is a very quick fat-loss if you ask me, not normal. 500 kcal deficit from my ~1800 kcal when inactive energy need? Won’t happen.
(I don’t know my energy need, obviously but according to my experiences in the past, it can’t be too far from reality. Or it wasn’t back then. I exercise and hope it gets raised enough while I try to eat as little as possible. I don’t often have a deficit yet but it will happen. 100 kcal is already a win, I can’t have that every day. Of course I don’t know if I have a deficit unless it’s big enough that it’s obvious… I can’t even figure out how much fat I eat if I have some fatty meat as its fat content is unknown. I can guess but it’s not accurate.)

But seriously, what is my exercise level? How to use that? I have read the help but it didn’t say it. It was “light exercise 1-2 times”, “hard exercise 7 times” or the like but what if I do light exercise 10 times a week? I mean, sometimes I walk and have my workout on that day too… Oh well, exercise energy need is impossible to tell anyone. I can just track my food, have my usual activity level and I will see if I ate too much or not, my body is simple like that. It’s more difficult for many others where weird things may interfere.

I go away already. Calculators aren’t for me.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #3

Worked OK for me. So well the US Navy think I’d make a good recruit!


Of course, it’s often how things are, they work some and not for others.
But I still don’t know what is one exercise so I can’t even use it.