Keto in the wild: jerky


Keto jerky at the local market

I was at Pike Place Market this past weekend in Seattle and came across a stall for a butcher that’s based pretty far outside of Seattle. I was seriously impressed because they had some nice looking jerky and pepperoni – but not only that, two of the jerky products were labelled as “for keto”. Haven’t seen that much before.

Here’s a photo, not mine, of one of the products I picked up so you can see the ingredients.

I looked up the butcher later and want to drive out there.

They sell all sorts of interesting things as well as the usual choices:

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Kangaroo is good, but it’s insanely lean, so you have to be very careful with cooking it. Funnily, sous vide works really well :slight_smile:

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Nice to see jerky with no sugar!

I’ve had raw pheasant. Meh.

Let’s see, venison, moose*, squirrel*, eel, octopus, shark, maybe I’ve had bear. . . .

** No, not that moose and squirrel.


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People’s Choice Jerky has some keto friendly varieties:

We get our’s from Amazon and love it.


I was looking at this on Amazon and the prices are quite high for Jerky. A 16 oz bag of this Jerky is almost $30, whereas a 10 oz bag of Old Trapper from my local Walmart is only $10.99 (usually on sale for about $9). So essentially I would only get 6 oz more and no sugar for roughly $20 more.

However, I haven’t found a single other jerky that doesn’t use sugar in it’s marinade. :frowning:

If you find anything other than these 2, let me know. Jerky is and always has been my favorite snack, but 6 net carbs for only 1 measly oz is just too much for too little.


Buy a dehydrator and make your own (easily). That’s what I settled on doing now. :slight_smile:


I thought about this, but haven’t found a recipe that doesn’t use sugar or soy sauce yet. If you have a recipe that is truly Keto (preferably 0 carb) you wouldn’t mind sharing I would be very grateful.


Normally I make a simple marinade of vinegar, a spice mix (from a Chinese supermarket, but could use paprika or whatever else you like) and a little bit of garlic. Leave the meat soak in it in the fridge, cut into strips, then I dehydrate for around 4 hours.

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I would like to complain about this being too easy. Keto is very complicated, I keep hearing.

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I tried making my own elk jerky in a dehydrator last weekend. No Bueno. Going to try again this weekend.

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Does anyone have a recipe for liquid butter jerky?