Keto in the wild: bulletproof coffee


Bulletproof Café in Seattle

Near my office, walked past today on a lunch walk.

I am not a bulletproof coffee fanatic and the prices aren’t great either (see here - $4.75 for a small coffee). I really don’t drink BPC very often. However I’ve been here a few times and the end product was actually quite good, just nothing I would go out of my way to get hold of. They also sell bone broth and some breakfasts here.

What did you take a photo of on your walk today?
(I Am The Egg Man ku-ku-kachoo) #2

Even though I’m only a bit South of you, it looks like Seattle is getting on the keto train!

I use Dutch Bros Coffee and they’re keto friendly, too. I can get a large Americano w/ HWC for abt $3 and change. They’re my go-to when out and about.