Keto in Nelson NZ


(Sindy ) #1

Not sure if it is ok, but I just want to leave this topic here in case someone else from Nelson stumbles across this and wants to get in touch.


Hey Sindy,

I’m now in Nelson. Would be good to get together and see what eats are out there. I am hearing good things about locally sourced game.

(Sindy ) #3

Hey, sounds great, I don’t know about game, but there is a keto cafe here in Nelson we could have coffee/lunch at :slight_smile: Are you a kiwi? Moving to Nelson or just visiting? Let me know when is convenient for you, my husband and I are both free most weekdays.


oh awesome! Thanks.

I’m all ears about the keto cafe.

I’ve just moved to Nelson so still finding my feet. :slight_smile:

(Sindy ) #5

Yup, here is the link if you want to check it out:

They have more low carb/paleo options than strict keto, but having a place like this in a town like Nelson is a miracle on it’s own so no complaints there lol


Hey Sindy,

I’ve been to crusoe’s but have recently discovered two roast houses in Nelson, one of which does pretty good pork crackling!

On the down side - Fresh Choice no longer stocks Sniks. I’m having a hard time finding anyone who does. Do you know of anywhere that stocks Sniks?


(Sindy ) #7

To be honest, I have not seen Sniks for ages now, several years for sure. But I have not been looking out for it. Where did you move from?

Yes, I saw this relatively new Get Ready Roasted place and thought it looked interesting. Which one does the crackling?

We have been to a few places in Nelson just to experience bitter disappointment with meal quality and customer service. Kinda put us off experimenting.

(Sirian Earthwalker) #8

You can find Sniks in Countdown and Fresh Choice.