Keto friendly beef burger


In the Netherlands we have in our convenience store the next kind of beef burger. My question: is this KETO/IF safe to consume?

Ingredients: 95% beef, natural flavors, sea salt, potato starch, spices, antioxidant (sodium ascorbate [E301], sodium citrate [E331]), onion extract, dried onion, chives.

Of which added sugars 0g per 100 grams and of which added salt 0.69g per 100 grams

Nutritional values

These values apply to the unprepared product.

SpeciesPer 100 Grams.Energy550 kJ (130 kcal) Fat5 gOf which saturated2 gTotally unsaturated fatty acids2 gCarbohydrates2.5 gOf which sugars0.1 gFood fiber0.2 gProteins19 gSalt1.05 gjpeg

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And why? How is your meat bound in your country? Almost all our meat is with patato starch and some kind of spices.


This one we have also. But with dextrose and glucose. This one is terrible i think.

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In the US you just buy ground beef and do what you want with it. I wouldn’t personally add starch to bind, I’d add an egg, but that’s because I don’t use potato starch.

I said yes because if that’s your only option the carbs are relatively low and better than the second one you listed.

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Isn’t this an option? Just buy plain beef with no additives. It takes 5 seconds to make a patty and no binders are necessary. A hamburger shouldn’t be processed food with carb content, just 100% beef. I agree it’s okay since it’s 2g carbs but that’s 2g that were totally unnecessary. The second package looks like the carbs are lower than the first. But I don’t read Dutch so I’m just making an educated guess from the label. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Me either but he mentioned dextrose and glucose.

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Well, personally I don’t think there’s a lot of difference between 2g of potato starch and 2g of sugar. Not in so small a quantity anyways. They’re both simple carbohydrates and processed. About the same damage as eating sausages. Carb tax. The dextrose absorbs fat so not so much is lost in cooking, potato starch is there to hold the patty shape. Glucose is probably there for flavor enhancement. All about the same and unnecessary in a burger. But it’s convenience food from a corner store. I say just buy meat from a regular butcher or meat department if that’s a doable alternative. Real ground beef is always way better than preformed meat discs. I’ve tried preformed grass fed 100% beef patties and they don’t compare to one’s you form yourself for some reason, even grass fed premade patties taste like fast food to me. :cowboy_hat_face:


Who says that 2 grams of sugar or potato starch is used? Those carbohydrates can also come from onion and chives that also have been added. And I mean the first variant of the beef burger as a good source of burger. The one with dextrose is a no go.

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I wouldn’t but it might be OK for you. If I’m going to buy burgers I’ll only get the ones made with 100% beef, well they’ve got added salt and pepper but nothing nasty. They’re so easy to make though, no real need to buy ready made.

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Okay so 5% is added ingredients with potato starch as the first non beef ingredient after 0.69g of salt. 5% of 100 grams is five grams with 2.5g carbohydrates. Onion extract, dried onion and scallion are listed after the preservatives which makes me think they’re a pretty small amount. And basically all carbs except fiber are sugar eventually in the body, I don’t care if it’s from broccoli it still has sugar. You can demonize the maltodextrin all you like but when these things get into our digestion track they break down and you get glucose from it. So in my opinion there’s little difference between 2 carbs from sugar and 2 carbs from vegetables. The only difference is how quickly it enters your bloodstream. In an amount like 2g it’s pretty insignificant where the carbs come from. The sugar in vegetables may enter your blood a bit slower is all. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Nuff said. 95% ‘beef’ burger? No thanks. Buy the beef, have the butcher grind it. 100%.

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I like beef patties (chuck) fine, but pre-made patties always taste inferior to me – even the allegedly good ones and those with flavors. It’s just a different food somehow.

If that’s all you have as an option (?!) where you are, it’s better than most other things for sure, but that’s still a comparative good. Just mash plain chuck burger together – use spices if you wish – and grill it, “binders” are not needed for home made burgers.


I would rather make my own hamburger with egg, and not waste my precious carbs on this. I would prefer to have my carbs with dairy, or berries or something else. I get a lot of my carbs seemingly through broccoli! Nope- would NOT want to eat 2g carbs in whatever form in a hamburger when I can make my own with zero carbs.

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My wife is Italian and has me making Italian hamburgers with 80/20 beef and hot Italian sausage mixed 1 to 1. Then, add HWC and cheese and sometimes bacon. Great tasting!


I do this too, mix the beef with sausage. Yum.


The best way to make burger patties with no binders, just 100% minced meat, is to make sure you knead the meat with your hands for a few minutes to emulsify/bind the fats and proteins together. Then when you cook the patties they won’t fall apart.

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If you haven’t tried beef sausage burger, you haven’t had the best burger. Just saying…