Keto for lipoedema

(Veronica) #1

Hi, I was wondering if there are any ladies out there who have lipoedema and are eating ketogenically to try and cure this? I do of course also hope for other health benefits, but have primarily started doing keto (and IF) to loose the stubborn fat on my lower half. I have nothing to loose on the top half. I am 159cm and 53kg with a BMI of 21.7. I understand lipoedema is actually quite a common disorder and affects mostly women so was wondering if there are any of you lippy ladies out there, if so, looking forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:

(Robin) #2

Cross your fingers… not sure I’ve heard it discussed here. Be sure to search ur site for that word.
No matter what, you will end up healthier. But if lipodema is made up of fat, it makes sense that keto will work for you.

(Veronica) #3

Although it’s fairly common it’s still undiagnosed, I was lucky really that my GP was knowledgeable enough to diagnose me. Yes it is a fat disorder, but so far lipoedema has been said to be resistent to any diet or exercise regime. However, recent research is showing keto might work. And it already has, in that my pain is reduced. I lost 3kg (all water loss, I imagine) the first week and went from 56kg to 53kg. My weight is still at 53kg. I could have sworn skin looks a little better and swelling is going down, which might be explained by the water loss. Thank you for replying :slight_smile:

(Greta) #4

Oh, I definitely have it. I showed it to my previous doctor years ago when I became concerned about a big, fiberous lump. He just said, “I don’t know what that is.” When I got larger, I had a lot of swelling in my upper thighs, which were white and red and very tender and I could press into the fat and leave depression marks. I’ve now since lost half my body weight. I still have lumpy, very fibrous fat that is very tender in the thighs and it is very embarrassing. I would never show it to anyone, including my current doctor. It actually looks worse than it ever has.

But contrary to everything I’ve heard, I’ve been able to lose the weight. I’ve literally lost half my body weight. My last weight lingering now is all in the thighs and back of the upper arms (maybe 20 pounds is all though). I’m really tall so it doesn’t show at all.

However, know that it will never be normal. I will always be a fibrous, lumpy, tender mess.

(Veronica) #5

Yes, it does sound like it may be lipoedema, with the fibrous tender tissue. Do you bruise easily as well? It’s encouraging reading about your success, did you loose that weight on keto? What I found is that so far eating keto has helped reduce inflammation and pain which is so great because now my mobility is much better. Before keto I had knee pain and shooting pains from the hip down, I had so much tenderness I couldn’t have my children sit on my lap. But that has all improved. I think the water loss has also helped, in reducing swelling, which again might help reduce the inflammation. Do you use compression stocking at all? My doctor reccommended I wear grade 1 and referred me to a local lymphedema clinic, but I haven’t heard anything from them. But am now really pleased to have discovered this world of keto, as it is my hope it could be not just an intervention for lipoedema, but a cure.

(Greta) #6

I guess. I came back from Disneyland all bruised up in my legs but unaware of anything happening. Just getting in and out of rides I guess.

I don’t like compression stockings-I buy those stretchy Lycra yoga pants a size or two too small depending on the fabric and wear those, even under my jeans.

I don’t do high fat keto, I just do low carb higher protein. I don’t eat butter and avoid all high fat dairy, no nuts, no oils of any kind. I have sugar free almond milk in my coffee.

(Greta) #7

I also do IF, mostly 16:8 and some 24s.

(Veronica) #8

Hi, I also do intermittent fasting. I switch it up a bit so 20:4 on some days and 16:8 on others. But I wouldn’t do a longer fast at this point. It sounds to me from your description you have lipoedema, the tricky thing is getting diagnosed. I was lucky that my GP recognised what it was, but I still don’t know what stage I am, what type etc, I do know I have it in my arms as well. I am slim, and my legs when not swollen also look fairly slim, but with uneven skin, fat pads on and around the knee, bruises, etc. So not a pretty sight. The lipoedema fat that is there is under the skin which is what is causing the uneven texture to the skin. So far I can say, because of the ketogenic way of eating, the swelling I had is so much reduced and the skin already appears much improved as well, and seems, though perhaps that is just my wishful thinking, to be firming up.

Lipoedema is not just a fat disorder, but a loose connective tissue disorder, and it is thought both compression and lymph drainage can help. That said, I’m not very keen on wearing daily compression either, but I wear leggings all the time which I feel helps.

Your diet is then quite different to mine, as I have gone very high fat, moderate protein and low carb, but it is a time of trial and error and I believe in first and foremost listening to the body and what it tells you, also what your experience has shown you. And we, especially us lippy ladies, must also be kind with ourselves in acknowledging that we will never have the perfect body, but so long as we can remain active, mobile with reduced pain, and enjoying life, we can still feel blessed :slight_smile:

(Veronica) #9

I understand the need to wear such makeshift compression and how it’s helpful when a pair of leggings or in your case yoga pants are extra tight. It is because lipoedema is a loose connective tissue disorder, and so that extra bit support is much needed to protect the fragile tissues and prevent progression. However, it is, apart from weight gain itself, inflammation, I believe, that worsens the condition, so if both are kept in check, there should be no progression. Furthermore, newer research shows it’s possible to reverse the stages through interventions such as the ketogenic diet, massage, and lymph drainage. My legs look better now than they did before because of the reduced inflammation, and the skin is, to my eyes anyway, appearing to firm up. When I wrote ‘not a pretty sight’ I wasn’t referring to the lipoedema, but to the collection of bruises, varicose and spiderveins. I’ve seen so many ladies who have lipoedema and who struggle with poor body image, with lovely shapes. So I regret my poor choice of words as it delivers a negative message. I believe in body positivity, but it is so much easier seeing others’ imperfections as beautiful than one’s own. I would recommend you try and seek a diagnosis, even if you (if you can afford it) have to see a specialist. Because once you have that diagnosis it should be easier to access treatment options, and for me, personally, having that diagnosis allowed me to be kinder to myself and accept my bodyshape, which I for a long time thought was unique. So it also really just helps knowing you aren’t alone. It’s a new way of looking at your body, and learning to finally be kind to it.