Keto for Cancer


(Thomas P Seager, PhD) #1

A new paper in Nature demonstrates that cold exposure inhibits tumor growth by activating brown fat and starving cancer of glucose.

However, they never mention ketones.

Thomas Seyfried (Cancer is a Metabolic Disease) of is big on ketone therapy for cancer – even if the ketones are exogenous. E.g., exposure to ketones in vitro inhibits tumor metabolism

Full disclosure, I co-Founded and own 42% of the ice bath company Morozko Forge so I have a stake in the success of results like these.

(Joey) #2

Important source info. Thanks for sharing (while alerting readers to your financial interests). Much appreciated.

(JK) #3

I have been looking into Cold therapy and Sauna for Cancer and repairing mitochondria,very interesting.

(Bob M) #4

They are supposedly very good, but I cringe at the cost for these (by this, I mean all of them – no matter the manufacturer-- are expensive).