Keto for Cancer


(Thomas P Seager, PhD) #1

A new paper in Nature demonstrates that cold exposure inhibits tumor growth by activating brown fat and starving cancer of glucose.

However, they never mention ketones.

Thomas Seyfried (Cancer is a Metabolic Disease) of is big on ketone therapy for cancer – even if the ketones are exogenous. E.g., exposure to ketones in vitro inhibits tumor metabolism

Full disclosure, I co-Founded and own 42% of the ice bath company Morozko Forge so I have a stake in the success of results like these.

(Joey) #2

Important source info. Thanks for sharing (while alerting readers to your financial interests). Much appreciated.

(JK) #3

I have been looking into Cold therapy and Sauna for Cancer and repairing mitochondria,very interesting.

(Bob M) #4

They are supposedly very good, but I cringe at the cost for these (by this, I mean all of them – no matter the manufacturer-- are expensive).

(Rossi Luo) #5

It’s quite interesting that we can starve cancer cells to death or freeze the cancer cells to death, but if exposure to cold can inhibit the cancer growth, then it’s quite confusing why
“Sauna for Cancer” works? Heat the cancer to death?

I think the concept behind the cold or heat the cancer to death is that, it’s the changes of metabolism to inhibit the cancer growth, not the cold or the heat. If this assumption can be true, then we can assume that the cancer cells can also adapt themselves to the changes of metabolism, so the key is to kill them all before they adapt and change frequently.