Keto for Babies

(Anthony Mariapain) #1

Any insight on how to approach feeding babies/toddlers on a keto? What do you need to watch out for?

(Chris - #2

No need to go nuts, just give the kid some meat to chew on, they’ll love it.

(Mike W.) #3

My daughter is just over 4 months. Wife was Keto/LC the whole pregnancy. Daughter is breast fed and also gets some Avocado occasionally. She also got to try some bacon fat on sunday. She liked it. When she is older she will start with whole food purees and then move into real foods. No cereals, no “puffs”, just real food.

(Bone Broth Jello) #4

I’m not a parent, but I know she will definitely appreciate that when she gets older. I feel so bad when I see someone feeding their child Gerber puffs… I never say anything though.

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(karen) #6

I was curious about your question so I went a’googling. Came up with no warnings for children beyond the usual complete and utter crap I’m always hearing about keto in general, only with MORE ITALICS AND SHOUTING BECAUSE IT’S ABOUT CHILDREN!!! - keto means no carbs so only meat which will give you vitamin deficiencies, people should get half their nutrition from carbs, whole grains are the staple of life and good health, fat will clog up their little arteries, it’s all very dangerous and scary and faddy, and so on and on and on and on, the keto boogey man is going to kill you.

It must be really tough to decipher nutritional information and make decisions for a little person depending on you, but from what I’ve read, KCKO, parent-dude!

(Mike W.) #7

Fwiw my wife’s OB and our daughters pediatrician are both in support of our WOE. They don’t 100 % “get it” but they aren’t opposed. She is on the lighter side for weight but following her own growth curve. They are happy with her development and growth. I can’t say for sure it has anything to do with how her Mom eats but she is very content and rarely fusses. Personally I think it’s becaus her blood sugar doesn’t spike and plummet constantly. I guess time will tell. We also have another friend with a Keto baby and he is the same way. Very content.


You can even skip purees. Check out baby led weaning. Once they can sit up on their own, they are good to go.

(Maha) #9

If I could do my pregnancies over and start my kids out on this way of eating, I would do it in a heart beat. And what you say about your baby being content… love that.

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(It's all about the bacon, baby) #11

Remember, too, that growing bodies need protein, so don’t worry about the protein recommendations we post here for adults—not that you were going to, but I did want to be sure it was clear. I think it’s great you’re doing this! :bacon:

(Mike W.) #12

Don’t they need teeth first?

(Chris - #13

Meat should be cut into very small pieces- but they can do a fine job of pulverizing with their gums. It dissolves in our scavenger-grade stomach acid in about an hour, regardless of how or how long it’s chewed.

(Mike W.) #14

Very interesting. Thank you

(Michelle) #15

I am the nanny for two babies. One is about to start on cereal and I cringe. I just want to give him :avocado: avocados! The other eats a very carb-heavy diet and I work on giving him meats and veggies while he is at my house.

(J) #16

My son has had a very high fat diet from the beginning (he’s 3). Long before Keto, I understood the need for fat for brain development. He was EBF for 6 months. His first food was avocado, but I don’t restrict what he eats too much because he is an active kid. He eats almost no sugar, and doesn’t have much interest in sweets since he’s not used to eating them. BUT he is 3 and anyone who has ever had a toddler understands about picking your battles. The kid LOVES Mac and cheese, so I give it to him once or twice a week and use Amy’s to keep it as close to real as I can :laughing:
I don’t restrict fruits either.

(Chris - #17

Sound like a winning strategy!


Nope. I actually joined a really good forum, and just like here it was a great resource. If your interested I’ll try to find out which one. It was UK based.


I’m trying to figure this out too. My first son is 3 months. Dr says 4 months solid food discussion starts. I have only been keto 2 months so I’m trying to figure out how to start questions with the dr… what did you end up going with?

(Ken) #20

When I lived in Germany, it was common to see German toddlers at the Supermarket gnawing on sausages their parents had given them. At the time I thought it was strange, but now I think it was very reasonable.