Keto Food Delivery

(Alex Allala Jr) #1

Does anyone know of a Keto Food Delivery service similar to freshly, but keto? This would be a cooked meal that is delivered weekly. I know there are snack subscriptions, but I am looking for a full meal.


(Derek I. Batting) #2

Not sure if you are in the US, UK or elsewhere, but here are a few I’ve found. Hope this helps!

10 Low Carb Meal Delivery Services Reviewed

"Option #2 - Weekly Pre-Made Ketogenic Meals
Our pre-made ketogenic meal subscription provides you a personal chef to cook your meals - either provide us with your own recipes or use our weekly meal planning subscription.

No Hassle, No Fuss, No Problems
Since money is time, you’ll end up spending the same in money and time it would take to buy the ingredients and prepare the meals and snacks yourself.

You can have your meals delivered anyplace you’d like via U.S.P.O. priority mail. Meals will be prepared within three days of receiving payment and can be out Monday through Thursday except on holidays when the USPO or Ketotherapeutics’ chefs don’t operate.

Portion Controlled, Fat Burning Food Delivered to your Door
Choose a mealtime to view a selection of the meals available as part of the Natural Ketosis programme.

(Chris Bair) #3

Well, there are the various ketogenic engineered staples:

  • Keto Chow
  • Keto Fuel
  • KetoOne
  • Ketolent

all come with all the nutrients you’d need to replace all your meals if you wanted, though most people only do a few a day

(Not Weak) #4

My cousin suggested It would kind of be more like nutrisystem where the food is premade and you just heat it up. It’s not specific to Keto but has enough options one could make it work I suppose. I checked out a few of the delivery services like blue apron where you just get the ingredients and cook yourself but there were very few options Ketoer could eat, even for those that offered gluten free items.

(Alex Allala Jr) #5

Thanks for the wickedstuff link. I read that one before and it mostly stated that keto was tough to find and meal delivery was even harder to find. I sent Ketotheraputics a message because it does not have a way to view any info on what they offer. I am in the US btw.

(Alex Allala Jr) #6

Thanks for the option. I will keep it in mind especially for an on the go morning meal.

(Alex Allala Jr) #7

Thanks. The options look pretty good. I’m going to try for now and then try personal trainer if I don’t like freshly.

(Not Weak) #8

Keep me posted on what you find! My MiL had been interested in something like this but didn’t seem bowled over with my suggestion. Wanted to give her other options if there are any.

(Alex Allala Jr) #9

I received my 4 meals from last night. It came in a normal cardboard box and inside, the meal trays were wrapped in insulation and ice packs. I tried the Pecan Pork and it was pretty good and was a good portion size. I did not know that I could click on the name and see the nutritional facts until a coworker let me know how to see the numbers. There are no meals under 20 grams of carbs, but there are 7 under 30 grams of carbs. I will continue to order more meals from them, but I will continue to look for a keto (under 20 grams of carbs) meal delivery service.

(Alex Allala Jr) #10

This is not food delivery, but it is keto. Quest Keto frozen meals. I heard Victoria Adelus on the Livin La Vida Low Carb podcast talk about it. I might give it a try as an option for variety. I looked at the a couple of the meals’ nutrition facts and it looked promising. has been good. The portions are good and I just don’t eat the potatoes or non-keto sides if it comes with it. I buy frozen veggie bags and eat that instead. I will also email freshly about providing keto options.

(Alex Allala Jr) #11

Looks like Jimmy also recommends personal trainer food. I might try it out then. Thanks.


I’m not sure about Personal Trainer food because…

  1. There is NO WAY you’re gonna tell me something that contains wheat has ZERO carbs
  2. Even without that, the very note that this is a teriyaki dish denotes some measure of sugar/carb.

I do not trust the integrity of this nutritional info, which reflects quite negatively on the service…unless I’m ignorant about something?

(sarah) #13

freshly is doing a good job in food delivery. But they can make it more efficient by choosing right delivery strategies.

(Mike Glasbrener) #14

Souls vide largely negates remade meals for me. I put a chuck roast in last night by tomorrow night I’ll have 3.5lbs of good fatty meat. Add a veggie and I have a bunch of easy meals! I do need to shop. However, I’ll buy a bunch of meat from Costco, vacuum seal (from Costco) and toss in freezer. Then pull meat out from the freezer 4-72hrs in advance and toss in soups vide. Easy peasey.

(Christine Bee ) #15 and I signed up for these forums cuz I ran across this thread in a google search. Am I crazy or has no one mentioned these places?!

(Christopher D. Gowdy) #16

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