Keto - everything is fine except elevated HR with about 10bpm always

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I restarted keto. I don’t do it for weight loss, but for reducing inflammation and brain fog. I passed the keto flu period and according to my Ketonix I am in ketosis for a few weeks, BUT I have a problem, and I don’t feel well.
My heart rate is always elevated by about 10bpm compared to before, at rest, when walking, or when exercising. Also my HRV is much lower. I know that for sure because I tracked this carefully with Oura ring and Garmin watch. BTW I get my salt, magnesium, and potassium. It’s a pain, and it makes me tired.
Please help…. Anyone in the same situation?
What should I do? Stop, or wait a bit more? I think my body is struggling and I’m not sure whether I don’t cause more harm than good


If you’ve flip flopped diets, it takes time to readjust. Unless you’re pretty high normally 10bpm shouldn’t be noticeable. Are you eating enough? While you’re adapting again that’s definitely a stress to the body.

Define what that means, if you’re not adapted yet, but you’re taking in crazy amounts of salt that could be doing it by itself. Are you tracking your intake of everything?

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Took me a few months to adapt to ketosis. Brain fog took even longer to go away. I was jealous, because people I knew that were eating keto kept talking about how great the mental clarity was, and I was still feeling foggy. But it did eventually go away.

Be patient, and stick to 20 grams of carbs or less every day to stay in constant ketosis. Consistency and time are the key to healing with this way of eating. Compare yourself to how you felt two or three months ago, not yesterday, or a week ago.


With a faster heart rate, you may simply underhydrated with your vascular volume lacking. This presumes that your thyroid function tests are normal (TSH, free T3 and T4, and anti-thyroid antibodies). Consider extra intake of water, simple filtered or carbonated, in general or with cooking, at a volume sufficient to need to urinate hourly from two hours after awakening until two hours before bedtime. My preference is Zero Water, tap water through that filter which removes all TDS (total dissolved solids). It tastes delicious and you’ll look forward to drinking it. The filter’s life depends on your tap’s baseline TDS. Our use for a family of three and 3 pets (who love the water) requires a filter change every 8 - 10 weeks at about $15 per filter. The filter change takes about 60 seconds. Our soda pop intake (cost and sugar) has plummeted, which I attribute to our previous unhappiness with the taste of water now changing to robust acceptance of refreshing non-TDS water. Many city water systems have a TDS level of 200 and certain ones, like in Minot, ND, have a TDS of 750+ (undrinkable).